Best Canon DSLR Camera Giveaway #WinCanonDSLR

Best Canon DSLR Camera Giveaway

Canon DSLR Camera Giveaway

This giveaway is hosted by Real Advice Gal, Giveaway Bandit, Mom Does Reviews, Simply Sherryl and Blessed Beyond a Doubt.

Welcome to Our Canon DSLR Camera Giveaway!

Have you always wanted to have a dslr camera? Now is your chance!

Together with my blogger friends, we joined forces to give all of you an awesome giveaway. One lucky winner will get to win a Canon DSLR Camera! We’re all big fans of Canon DSLR camera. This camera is awesome and its picture quality is great!

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Giveaway is open to US only and runs from 3/25/16 until 4/15/16 11:59pm EST.

Note: Winner also has an option to receive prize in Amazon Credits.

This Canon DSLR Giveaway is open to US Residents only. You must be 18+ to enter. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter. It will be displayed in the rafflecopter and announced on one of my post.

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  1. Tim C says

    I would love to win this camera, I have a really old DSLR (10 years or so) and need a better one to take pictures of my daughter

  2. says

    Would love to take my love for taking pictures to another level. I’ve been wanting to own a nice DSLR for better pictures for a while now. Thank you for the chance!

  3. Angela Warren says

    I would love to win because I am currently taking pictures thru my Iphone and I would like a reliable camera that will last for years

  4. Em Mahr says

    I’d love to win because we have our first little one on the way and I’d love to be able to take some great photos to capture all the special milestones and so that I can send pictures to the grandparents who live across the country.

  5. Wendy Forbes says

    I would love to win this camera because my current camera is 10 years old and I can’t afford a new one.

  6. Judy Pierce says

    I would love to win this because we are starting a new phase in life and are going to explore the continent on motorcycles. Would love to have pictures of our adventures.

  7. Sonja Samples says

    I would like to win this gogeous DSL camera since Canon is such a god quality brand & i could take amazing pics of my family. Also I could use it to take pics of things I sell now on my Etsy store. Just capture life with it! 🙂

  8. Mary Ross says

    I have four small grandchildren. I use my cell phone for photos, but rarely get them printed. I would love a camera. I think It would encourage me to have them printed. Thanks.

  9. Jennifer Pellicone says

    Why do I like to win? I love to try new products and to receive a product I am hesitant to purchase because of its price or complexity is wonderful!

  10. Jeanne Coulombe says

    I love taken pictures of nature and mygrandchildren my camera is so old would love to have a great one like this. Thanks for the chance

  11. says

    I love to update my old SLR camera with the current model of Canon. All my cameras were Canon and love to just get a new one and take those photography classes i been wanting to do for so long now

  12. Jerry Lafferty says

    I would love to win because, My last camera was a polaroid camera, we all know what that w like (blah) I have since got a digital camera with the shutter speed of a turtle ( everything that moves comes out blurry) I need to step up to the new generation to take quality photos. Thanks to all off you for the opportunity.

  13. Stephanie says

    I’d love to win this camera because I’ve been learning more about photography for a while and I’ve outgrown my phone.

  14. says

    I love to win things that help us live a better life. I don’t own a Camera so this would be nice. I’m not a Cellphone user so no camera there.

  15. Jake LaFountain says

    I love to win things that give me a better life. I really want a camera, since I take pictures with my really bad $10 camera but it doesn’t work well.

  16. Vickie says

    Because I love photography and have yet replaced my last fantastic camera, all the lenses and filters.
    Everything was ruined during our last hurricane and insurance didn’t cover it. Grrrrr
    I lost two my canon and my Olympus

  17. Jason says

    I like to win in general because it’s a thrilling feeling. I’d like to win this camera because I’ve long wanted to have a good SLR but I can’t justify the expense.

  18. mell says

    I like to win because of the thrill it gives me; I would like to win this camera so that I can take better photos of my kiddos.

  19. Kristine Saura says

    I would like to win this camera so I could capture every precious moments in my family. I love them to death and I would like to preserve those moments so that once its printed we could reminisce those wonderful moments and forget about the struggles in life.

  20. Kathy Detweiler says

    I would love to win this camera because my camera is so old and I just can’t afford a new one right now. I have my camera with me every day to take pictures so this isn’t just a hobby but a passion of mine.

  21. Angela P says

    I’d love to win, because I really need a new camera. I take all of my pics on my iphone 4. So I would really appreciate winning this awesome camera!

  22. Sherry Lambing says

    I would like to win because the only camera I have is on my cell phone and there are lots of times I would like to zoom in and adjust settings to take better photos!

  23. Paol Trenny says

    I would love to this prize for my hubby. He has his eyes on this camera for a long time so it would be nice to surprise him with one.

  24. Jeffrey Legg says

    I would love to win this for my wife. She would really like to do some photography with a good camera.

  25. says

    I have a food blog, and I’m currently using my cell phone for photography. Yes, it takes good pictures. But to truly take my blog to the next level, I know that I’ve got to up my picture game. This Canon DSLR is the perfect size to take into a restaurant, and not be “that person” lugging in a huge camera.

  26. says

    This Camera Is So much better than the one I have , Its comes with many more features than mine , Its just perfect for my Photography & helps towards ,my art projects too

  27. Linda Crispell says

    I take a lot of pictures, but have never had a NICE camera!! I LOVE to enter contests ~ winning something would be so exciting!!

  28. Karen L says

    My husband and I have been saying that I need to get a better (SLR) digital camera for a few years now. I have not used an SLR since film and really miss it. Also, my current camera is starting to have issues and winning this camera would be great.

  29. says

    Glad the way you guys/gals came together to offer such an opportunity. Why do I want to win? Well, simple answer…I NEED a camera. Between blogging and other upcoming projects, this would be a very necessary gift.

  30. Maria says

    I love to win because it makes me feel good. I would love to win this camera because I have the Canon Rebel SLR and I would love to have a DSLR. Thank you for the opportunity

  31. Kathleen Kuykendall says

    My Canon is old and the only digital I have currently is a not a DSLR. We love taking photos of nature and wildlife so we would love to have a Canon DSLR!

  32. Kimberly L. says

    I would like to win because I have always loved photography and have always dreamed of owning a DSLR camera. 🙂

  33. Natalie F says

    We could use a new camera. My sister has this one and says it is great and easy to use. Our current one is too slow for “action shots” of the kids.

  34. says

    I would love to win this camera I do not have a decent one & my daughter is getting married. I would love to take lots of pictures for her to have. Then I would give her the camera

  35. Holly Brown says

    I would LOVE to win because I am just starting out as a freelance social media manager. I’ve started by taking over the social media platforms for the restaurant I work evening shifts at and this fab camera would so help me with great shots. I will never be able to afford anything like this with my two current clients (maybe one day)! But for now, it would help SO much with my career. Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  36. says

    This is such a fantastic giveaway, which is great. However I really enjoyed reading the posts and leaving comments. Even if I don’t win, I’ll be back to Blessed beyond a doubt, simply Sheryl again. Thank you. Sammie

  37. Nalane S says

    I would like to win because I love taking pictures and my camera I own now has been broken, i use a disconnected iphone 4 cellphone to take pictures but have very little memory space.

  38. Alex says

    Awesome giveaway. I have an old original Rebel that is way outdated. Doesn’t even have video! Would love to win a new camera to record YouTube videos!

  39. Chelle says

    I am in the middle of taking a photography class. This would be perfect. Just a mom trying to capture beautiful memories.

  40. Elicia P says

    I have a Rainbow coming in July. My current camera is a point and shoot and is super old and doesn’t take the greatest pictures anymore.
    Because it is my Rainbow I would love to capture photos that reflect a good quality.

  41. abedabun dawn says

    I would love to win this camera, thats what I would love to win lol. A knew laptop would be fantastic as well as good books.

  42. Jessica Kaufman says

    I don’t have a camera. I loaned my camera to my daughter for a school field trip to Disney and she brought it back broken. I’ve been wanting to get myself the canon dslr camera.

  43. Jennifer Jones says

    My best friend since childhood is an excellent photographer and really wants one of these cameras. I can’t afford to get her one and she can’t afford to buy one so if I won, I’d give it to her.

  44. Ada Miller says

    I have 2 boys who just turned 9 & 10yrs old. I’ve never had a decent camera & use my phone as a camera now that doesn’t take as good of pics as I’d like. Would love to win so I could get some high quality pictures of my boys. Thanks for the opportunity!

  45. Danielle Wood says

    I would really like to win because I don’t have a camera and would like to have one for disney world

  46. Tammy Ohagan says

    I would love to win this for my niece, who loves to take photographs but has to reply on a much older camera. She would be so thrilled!

  47. mamotts says

    at this time, just using the phone I have. being a single divorced mom with no help cuts down on buying luxury items and would love to capture more wonderful memories with my kids.

  48. melanie blanco says

    We went to an event that my son was participating in, and I could not get good pictures from my camera phone. I would like a nice camera to be able to zoom in clearly

  49. Hana says

    Why would I like to WIN?
    It would be a celebration to win and feel like a great (and surprise) reward.
    I do not have money to spend on myself, and I also do volunteer work, and this camera would be even more helpful for groups, individuals, organizations that I take part in. Also, my parents also could learn how to use it as they do not have any modern cameras. Would be wonderful. Thanks.

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