Bambo Nature Diapers Provide Coverage in an Eco-Friendly Way

Being Green Doesn’t Have to Stop When it Comes to Diapers Thanks to Bambo Nature Diapers

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When people hear of “Eco-Friendly” or “Green” Diapers, there first thought is generally that they will experience leaks and wake up in the morning to a soaked baby. After trying out Bambo Nature Diapers for a week,my sister reported that she was impressed that night time remained leak proof for my nephew.

To answer the question about why Bambo Nature Diapers are different from other “Green” Diapers keep reading.

What Makes Bambo Nature Diapers Different?

  • Certified to be 100% FREE of Dangerous Chemicals and Know Allergens
  • Designed to Prevent/Reduce the occurrence of  a Rash.
  • Free of Additives, including dyes, lotions, and perfumes
  • Certified that the product has no products that are harmful to the environment or a person’s health
  • Their Certification is conducted by outside organizations such as Nordic Swan, FSC, Asthma & Allergy Association.
  • 95% Commercially Compostable
  • Diaper Packaging is made from recycled material and can be recycled itself.
  • List of Ingredients made public and can be seen here—->>Product Ingredients
  • Manufacturing Product Waste is recycled and they only have a 2% waste rate.

Most Importantly Bambo Nature Diapers absorb even during the long night time slumbers. 

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What my sister and I both loved was the option Bambo Nature Diapers offers with a plus size diaper. This diaper is perfect for the baby who is on the edge of diaper sizes. As mothers we know that a too big diaper is just as messy as a too small diaper. With the plus diaper you get the extra coverage needed. With boys night time sleeps can be even harder to find a diaper that absorbs and keeps their bed dry. She used the 3+ at night and was very happy with the dry bed in the morning.

My nephew put Bambo Nature Diapers to the test as he is a very active little boy with a busy schedule. He even gives them his stamp of approval because no rashes or irritations to cause him to become cranky.

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 To find out more information visit Bambo Nature.

Purchase them here—->> Bambo Nature Diapers

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