Backpacks for kids

I would love to invite you to participate in a movement that I created with the help of Gutzy Gear and a team of 80 bloggers. The idea is simple stuff backpacks for children who can’t afford them. The reason is if children are given the tool and the confidence they will succeed. We all have the power to help make an impact. We are each being give $25 to see how much stuff we can buy. The bloggers are so excited they have been asking for donations, shopping the sales, and using every coupon they can. They are excited to help other and to teach their children the value of doing more for others. I have three kids and they are so excited to help that they have given me their favorite folders as a donation. They decided to use last years folder to save money. I can’t believe all you can do if you put your heart out there! Paying it forward is Gutzy! If you want to help us… send me your stories and pictures and I will feature them on Madame Deals. madamedeals@gmail subject Paying it forward is gutzy..


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