Back to School Keurig Brewer Giveaway

Don’t miss out on this chance to win a Keurig Brewer!!!!

Keurig makes it very easy for me to start my day with a perfect cup of coffee! Summer is coming to an end and the kids are back in school so it’s the perfect time to take a little bit of extra time for yourself and enjoy a perfect cup coffee! I even take a cup of the new Brew Over Ice when I am ready to pick the kiddos up too!

Keurig is giving you the opportunity to win your very own Keurig Platinum Brewing System and a pack of the new Brew over ice Donut Shop Sweet & Creamy K-cups too! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

To enter this giveaway, simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below!

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Good Luck my Friends!

Blogs participating in this giveaway are: Coupon Mamacita, Serafino Says, Wheel N Deal Mama, iSave A2Z, Gimmie Freebies, The Dealyo, Madame Deals, Club de las Diosas and The Repo Woman.

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  1. Barbara says

    Would so love to have one of these on my counter and get rid of my clunky, counter hogging Cuisinart whole pot coffee maker.

  2. holly h says

    favorite cup of coffee is a little sweet with splendia and 1/3 cup of creamer and 2/3 cup of coffee. to make it better a little flavored creamer!!

  3. carol scheive says

    I want to win a Keurig sooo bad.I am the only coffee drinker in my house.It would be nice to make just one cup at a time :)

  4. says

    I love to start the day with a cup of coffee with creamer, not too hot and not too cool. I would love to try the coffee over ice that I’ve heard about this summer!

  5. Julie Johnson says

    I’ve always wanted a Keurig so I can always have the perfect cup of coffee in the mornings to start my day off right!

  6. Liz Haas-Zimmerman says

    I just got a Keurig for Mother’s Day…I’m hooked on the Newman’s Own coffee k-cups. If I won this I’d gift it to my mother-in-law for Christmas! TY for the giveaway :)

  7. Andrea Hadfield says

    I like my coffee semi strong (gotta have my caffeine) with lots of sweetner and french vanilla creamer! MMMMMM!!

  8. Carol Oddy says

    My favorite cup of coffee is the first one in the morning. Love the taste of French Vanilla coffee, it’s great!! Thanks for great contest!

  9. Kimery says

    have always wanted to try: coffee is black. However, love flavored ones and lattes & of course, hot chocolate, to boot!

  10. says

    My ideal cup of coffee is with 2 sweet n lows, and milk. Also equally like vanilla iced coffee. I would love to win this for an awesome coffee in the mornings when I wake up before I take my son to school!!! Tyvm

  11. Susan says

    My ideal cup of coffee would be a caramel mocha, topped off with a dollup of whipped cream, sprinkled with chocolate shavings!! Mmm, I can taste it now!!

  12. Amanda Herren says

    Iced caramel macchiato!! I need this soooo bad so I can have these everyday without having to go to a coffee shop!!

  13. Bruce Epper says

    Since my ideal cup of java changes with my mood or state of mind, I can’t tell you what it is since it changes (and it would be great if the changes were from cup to cup instead of pot to pot), but I can tell you what it isn’t. It isn’t the sludge at the bottom of the pot that could be used to tar the roads. It isn’t loaded with sweeteners. It isn’t frothy. It isn’t decaf. (What would be the use of that?)

  14. cassandra alley says

    I live coffee! One of my favorite things to do is pour a cup of coffee and add a pack of hot chocolate to it! Yum! You can also add a peppermint to the mix :)

  15. cassandra alley says

    One of my favorite things to do is pour a cup of coffee and add a pack of hot chocolate to it! Yum! You can also add a peppermint to the mix :)

  16. Crystal green says

    Pumpkin flavor hot coffee with just enough cream and sugar to sweeten it up, or I also like iced vanilla coffee. Oh how I would love to win a keurig

  17. Crystal green says

    Pumpkin flavor hot coffee with just enough cream and sugar to sweeten it up, or I also like iced vanilla coffee. Oh how I would love to win a keurig.

  18. Roni Manuel says

    Would love this since we had to move in with my husband’s parents and they don’t have a coffee maker, period! Help me!!!

  19. Melissa Bagliano says

    My coffee make broke a few months back and my husband wont let me buy a new one! I would LOVE to tell him i won one for free :)

  20. Mary Beth Lowman Hewitt says

    My ideal cup of coffee – Giant Mug, Bold Coffee (French Roast or similar) with lots of cream and a splenda, enjoyed steaming hot first thing in the morning BEFORE my son wakes up!

  21. Jeannie Calhoun says

    My favorite is pumpkin spice. But that’s not always available. I also like iced vanilla with a dollop of whipped cream & caramel drizzled over it!

  22. Melinda Dartmann says

    Rich, smooth, with a touch of creamer to make it smooth and luxurious! Not fancy stuff in it, I love the taste of my coffee, I don’t want it covered up.

  23. dawn says

    I have a keuring and love it, however its starting to act up and would go nuts if it did…money is tight so free is good…

  24. Amanda Throckmorton says

    My Ideal cup of coffee is hot yet cool enough to drink it like a Cappaccino Coffee with creamed milk and Froth on top with sugar at the bottom stirred up. To be able to slurp up all the froth to the bottom of the cup out. I prefer Starbucks, I love K cups as well,Cafe Escapes are good, So Is Tullys and Green Mountain Coffee.

  25. marrge says

    I would LOVE to win this! I have a Mr Coffee Keurig – the ONE cupper…. and it was just recalled ……. so I am going to LOVE this!

  26. penny hailey says

    My husband makes the best coffee!! He has been wanting a keurig but we can afford it. Fingers crossed that we win!!!!

  27. Ivon says

    I entered but not to win it for myself, but more as a gift for my hubby who’s been wanting a Keurig for the longest time now but unfortunately it’s just not within our means.. :-/
    PS: My Pinterest acct name is: Diclajias and I shared the post on my Diclajia’s FB page as it will give it more exposure there ;)
    Thanks for this great opportunity :)

  28. Nina Fleming says

    I am a fan of iced coffee with more cream than coffee. Haven’t found a flavor that I really like other than french vanilla yet.

  29. Gerri Briggs says

    My perfect cup of coffee is good quality medium roast coffee mixed with a good hot cocoa and a splash of non dairy liquid creamer, preferably French vanilla.

  30. Joan Clapp says

    I just love my Keurig!! K-cup butter toffee is my favorite treat. Unfortunately, our pot is on it’s last leg, it sputters and won’t brew all the time and we end up cleaning it weekly. Please pick me. I really need a new one!!!

  31. says

    hot, strong, and with sugar! although lately, I’ve been having a bold coffee with a bit of sugar, and iced coffee mixed in for a little kick and it get it to the perfect temperature to drink!

  32. Anna C. says

    My ideal cup of coffee is in a quiet afternoon moment when my children are sleeping. I add just a little chocolate to a strong French Roast and a little milk or just creamer. Spoon of sugar. Mornings are for black coffee to me :)

  33. Kari J says

    My ideal cup of coffee depends on the weather… Nice, hot days call for an iced coffee and warm weather requires a nice hot coffee, preferably with almond joy creamer.

  34. Loretta says

    I start my day with coffee and reading each morning. A super quick cup of coffee would be awesome! Would love this! Thank you for this great opportunity!

  35. Deneen Williams says

    I enjoy hot or cold coffees. With caramel or french vanilla. But for this time of the season “pumpkin spice” sounds so good. Thanks for doing the giveaway :)

  36. Ashley Earp says

    Vanilla-y and SWEET! That or tea I always use my mom’s keurig to brew up Chai tea mmmmm so good! To bad it’s an hour away lol

  37. Sarah Anderson says

    I would love to have one of these!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be student teaching starting in January and it would make my mornings easier to have a Keurig!

  38. Jana Gramaglia says

    The perfect cup of coffee for me would be Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice with a splash of International Delight Caramel Mochiatto! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  39. heidi crowley says

    My ideal cup of Joe is a capoucino, I just love the frothy top and rich taste. I am by all accounts a coffee snob, my husband hares it because he’ll try to be nice and brew some before I get up. But I always know when it wasn’t just made, it amazes him because he cant taste a difference.

  40. karen bissette davis says

    My ideal coffee is a medium strength brew with cream & sugar. Don’t forget the vanilla sugar sprinkles on top!

  41. Catherine Cooper says

    The school I am teaching at this year has a Keurig. I loving how easy and fast it is to use. Asking for one for Christmas to have at home.

  42. Christy LeGros says

    I don’t drink coffee, but my husband does. We don’t even have a coffee pot at home:-( He’s missing out & I’d love to win this for him:-)

  43. Candie L says

    I remember having a white chocolate blend at a local coffee shop. it was the best cup of coffee I have ever had. thank you

  44. Deanne says

    I can’t wait to to get one of these..we are constantly drinking coffee. My hubby like cream and sugar with a little coffee. I like mine black in the mornings and with cream at night.

  45. jen durant says

    i like a cup of smooth coffe, something a bit sweet. i tend to enjoy chocolate or pumpkin coffee on ice, maybe with some whipcream

  46. Christy Stokely says

    My daughter has one and I love to visit her because I get a great several cups of coffee while I’m there. I also know that the K-cups are a great gift to give her. I would love to own my own especially this one because it comes with free k-cups to get me started.

  47. Cristita Hodge says

    Hot and fresh brewed with a lot of hazelnut creamer(this is my coffee everyday at home).Indulgence for me is Starbucks latte tall and cappuccino(I will never forget this one when I was in Italy last year with peach croissant).

  48. Kathleen Hiskey says

    i really like a combo of a french vanilla cappachino mixed with some extra chocolatey hot chocolate ;) that’s a taste of yumminess right there lol

  49. Carol Oddy says

    Love to drink coffee every day and would sure use this coffee maker! Do not own a Keuig coffee pot but I know I would use it every day! Love this contest! Thank you and good luck to everyone.

  50. Julie says

    I really could use a Keurig!!!! I got to try my sisters out over the summer & fell in LOVE!!! My coffee maker of 10+ years finally died :( Plus this would make a great 15 year wedding anniversary gift I could give my husband :)

  51. Doreen Spitzer-Lemire says

    I love my icey vanilla coffee on hot days and during the winter a hot, sweet mug of french vanilla always hits the spot!!

  52. Moira Jenkins says

    I like my coffee with pumpkin spice creamer, but I’m on a low carb diet, so for now it is just with a tiny bit of cream :(

  53. Josie says

    It would have to be strong with lots of chocolate creamer and just a touch of sugar or else a nice tall glass of Mocha iced coffee!! I absolutely love chocolate in my coffee!!

  54. Josie says

    It would have to be strong with lots of chocolate creamer and just a touch of sugar or else a nice tall glass of Mocha iced coffee!!

  55. Jenafer Barker says

    My favorite cup of coffee is mocha with a little coconut milk added to it. The coconut milk just gives it that added twist of flavor. I also like to add a little peppermint to my mocha, fresh picked during the in season and a little peppermint EO or candy during the fall and winter.

  56. David Mitchell says

    I’ve been trying to win one of these for my Wife for a long time. Winning this would be great. Her Birthday is coming up soon :)

  57. Kirstin N says

    These machines are God’s gift to coffee lovers! My dad actually has two of them and my sister one. I LOVE them and would so love to have one of my own!

  58. Roxanna Monday Jarrett says

    I have always wanted a Keurig! Would LOVE to finally win one so I can stop using my old coffee make and start enjoying a Keurig brew cup!!! Thank you for giving away one of these great machines and the oppt for me to try to win one!!!!!!!

  59. Melissa James says

    My ideal cup of coffee is one that I make in the comfort of my own home instead of buying one from Starbuck or Dunkin Donuts. This coffee pot would be great for me and my hubby, who don’t drink a lot of coffee. Plus it small and wouldn’t take up a lot of space on our tiny counters in our small kitchen. We would love to win it! :)

  60. Ashley Delaney says

    My ideal cup of coffee well for this single mom of 4 would be to be able to get at least 2 cups down before the chaos starts lol, I’ve wanted one of these so bad but My kiddo’s come 1st and Momma comes last.

  61. Joanna says

    I really like to start my day with a cup of New Mexico Pinon coffee with just a bit of milk, so that it won’t kill it’s awesome flavor. To treat myself I sometimes like frapuccinos or iced coffee – but really it’s more of a dessert at that point :P

  62. Mary Diehl says

    My ideal cup of coffee is freshly made, strong and with cream. Not being rushed to grab a cup and have to run. thank you!!

  63. says

    My ideal cup of coffee begins just with the aroma of it brewing. I like to feel the warmth emanating from the mug, while I sit on the porch swing in the early morning drinking it and taking in the pretty autumn dawn. Cheesy, but I love mornings and I love it with coffee, sweet, but not too sweet, light but a little dark, and STRONG!

  64. Jeni Mitchell says

    My favorite cup of coffee is organic, strong, and black. My mom has a Keurig and I enjoy drinking Sumatran when I’m at her house.

  65. Jeannie Calhoun says

    I deleted one link on my fb page because it didnt work right & it deleted several other days where I had posted the link. I did share the link again today. if this takes me out of the running I understand, just letting you know I wasnt trying to cheat

  66. Janey Davenport-Carter says

    I would love to win this,I have been shopping around and haven’t found a price that I liked yet,plus this would make a nice birthday gift for me:):)

  67. Christina Ives says

    My ideal cup of coffee would be one that doesnt taste like coffee!!! I’m not a huge coffee fan, but my parents are! :)

  68. Amy L. Norman says

    My ideal cup of coffee would be a nice, smooth cup of Community Coffee served with cream and sugar at the Cafe’ Du Monde in New Orleans with a plateful of Beignets dusted with sugar.

  69. Gabrielle says

    We had the pleasure of using this machine in our room when we went on vacation, to Old Faithful Inn. It was so amazing. And convenient!

  70. Donna Lineman says

    It would be such a blessing to win this! I waste so much coffee making it in the traditional 8 or 12 cup pot. Even when I try to make just 1 or 2 cups, I still forget there is coffee in the pot and after a few days…ewwww! I’ve wanted a Keurig since they came out!

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