Back in the Saddle Again!


Here we are in full swing of the back to school routine. I thought that I would share some of our tips for getting us out the door in the morning with some semblance of order.

In our family, we try to do as much the night before as we can, so that we are not feeling as rushed in the morning, though things can still pop up at the last minute.

- Lunch: My children pack their lunch the night before. Due to the types of sandwiches they like, we keep them in the refrigerator over night and then put them in lunch boxes w/ ice packs in the morning.

- Clothes: It really seems quite simple, but laying our clothes out the night before really helps too. It’s not that big of a deal, but sometimes my kids can get hung up on the littlest things. This also serves as a good check system for me if someone is out of something (socks, underwear, etc) I know about it and have time to do something about it prior to heading out the door. Again, I am usually pretty on top of laundry, etc, but as we all know, things slip through the cracks.

Backpacks: These are usually unloaded shortly after school and papers that have come home are looked at and put in their place (usually with the mail for our daddy to see) and homework is done. Lunch boxes are unloaded and put back, and ice packs in the fridge. This is something that I ask my kids to take care of – giving them some responsibility.

For me, especially during the school year, I try to pay more attention to my meal planning. This is one thing that I can do that helps to keep me organized but also allows me to know ahead what’s for dinner and to begin meal preparation earlier so that my night is not jammed up at the end of the day with after school activities, homework, dinner, and other night time/next day preparations.

One last thing that I do to help me “see” my families schedule is to have a large family calendar in my kitchen. I have an erasable calendar that is kept on my kitchen island on a level where my kids can see it as well. On here, I place every thing from Dr’s appointments, to birthdays as well as my children’s special/encore schedule (P.E., art, etc) since I always get the question of “Mom, what do I have tomorrow?” Now, I can tell them to go look on the calendar!

I welcome hearing what you all do to make your school year move more smoothly.

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