24 Day Challenge Wrap Up

I just finished my 24 Day Challenge... and what a CHALLENGE that was.  BUT I am feeling better and looking thinner, so I am off to a good start to continue loosing weight and getting healthier.  My clothes are fitting looser, and I notice less fat on my stomach and back (YAY!). I am currently down 6 pounds since I started the Advocare 24 Day Challenge, so this is a start.  I was really hoping to loose more during the challenge, but I also need to face the facts that I am not technically in … [Read more...]

Cookie Butter Kid French Toast Recipes

Kids French Toast Recipes 2

Cookie Butter Kid French Toast Recipes Breakfast is a very important meal of the day but during the week it is usually a blur of activity as everyone is heading off to their daily activities. Weekends have not gotten any easier with all the activities of Spring and Summer going on. When this happens we like to have Breakfast for Dinner and we make Dinner a family affair. We featured our new Rec Tec Grill we received to review several weeks back (you can read the review here) but this past … [Read more...]

Fathers Day Gifts Ideas: Make Your Own Candy Bouquets

Candy Bouquet 1

Fathers Day Gifts Ideas Make Your Own Candy Bouquets I love sitting down to Make Your Own Candy Bouquets for almost every occasion and Father's Day is no different. I have never met a dad who doesn't like chocolate so a Candy Bouquet is the perfect gift to satisfy their sweet tooth when you don't know what else to give them. Most Make Your Own Candy Bouquets normally call for a vase or fancy centerpiece but these are usually a little over the top for a Father's Day Candy Bouquet so I would … [Read more...]

Outdoor Cooking Recipes For Kids : Bacon Cheeseburgers

outdoor cooking recipes for kids 1

Outdoor Cooking Recipes For Kids Bacon Cheeseburgers   Summer is a time for grilling and nothing is more fun to grill than a good old fashion burger. In our family we all like to get involved in the kitchen so we bring the children in the kitchen as much as possible and get their insight into recipe creation. My husband was excited to start the summer off right and after a recent trip to Trader Joes decided to create a burger of his own. My daughter got in on the creating and this … [Read more...]

Grilled Beef Recipe

Grilled Beef Recipe 3

Grilled Beef Recipe Roast I received a new Rec Tec Grill to review this Spring and we have enjoyed creating new recipes to cook for family and friends to enjoy. I have immediately fallen in love with the fact that I do not have to use my oven and my Slow Cooker enjoys the fact that I can give it a rest every now and again. My latest creation has been a delicious and moist Grilled Beef Recipe Roast. This recipe did require some marinating over night so a littler preparation is required but … [Read more...]

Small Business Showcase Review- Perfectly Posh

perfectly posh 31

Small Business Showcase Review- Perfectly Posh     Perfectly Posh is made and sold in the USA. It is a line of pampering products that really helps to nourish and replenish your skin and make you feel extra special when you use them. The best part is Perfectly Posh has so many other benefits that most don't even know about the biggest one that I want to share is they GLUTEN FREE. This is a big one for anyone who is Celiac or Gluten sensitive because even the cosmetics they … [Read more...]

Small Business Showcase Review – Origami Owl

origami owl prize

Small Business Showcase Review - Origami Owl   If you do not know about Origami Owl you are missing out on a wonderful line of jewelry. Origami Owl is not just another piece of jewelry you will wear occasionally and then toss in your jewelry box and forget about. At Origami Owl they are in the business of Telling Stories with jewelry while others are telling stories with words.   … [Read more...]

Fun Kids Dessert Recipes – Cookie Butter Smores

Cookie Butter Smores

Fun Kids Dessert Recipes: Cookie Butter S'mores   Our family is addicted to Cookie Butter and since the warm weather has not wanted to grace us with its presence we have lacked the presence of camp fires to roast marshmallows. My daughter and I decided to come up with a Fun Kids Dessert Recipes that we could make to replace a usual smores recipe. With a few simple ingredients and No cooking requiered we came up with these delicious Cookie Butter Smores. We are sure your family will … [Read more...]

Small Business Showcase Review – Urban Orchard Frames

Small Business Showcase

Small Business Showcase Review - Urban Orchard Frames **This review was provided by a representative that sells Urban Orchard Frames all opinions are 100% her own**  Urban Orchard Frames is highlighted in the 2014 Small Business Showcase. I have really enjoyed my Urban Orchard Frames. The wonderful thing about them is that they are custom made wood frames, so I get to choose EXACTLY what I want. Urban Orchard Frames have 13 different shapes, and 42 different colors and are available in … [Read more...]