Asking you: What Motivates You to Coupon Shop?

The easiest answer is success. When we are successful we are motivated. This is true in anything we do. I define success as learning something new, reflecting on my learning, and striving to learn more. I think I would have stopped coupon shopping a long time ago if it didn’t work. I am not always as successful as the receipt above. I am however overall successful since I have shaved $75 a week off my budget. I am able to stay motivate because I defined a goal. My goal is to pay for my daughter’s college with the money I have saved. I have paid 18 months of her college tuiton at $250.00 monthly so $4,500. Yes, my daughter is going to be 2.  How amazing is that? I am motivated by my family. I am motivated by my friends. We started this site becase we were so inspired we wanted to help others. Having Madame Deals ensures I live “within the budget.” I am happy that I acquired the skills I need to spend less. I am further inspired because so many of you have learned as well. I am grateful because it makes me feel good to do for others. Now that I coupon shop I can give to others without taking away from my family. We donate items to foodbanks. We also donate our expired coupons to the military and we donate our time to help others. The most important motivation I have is preparing my family with habits that will last a lifetime.

So what motivates you?

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  1. Heidi says

    Thanks for sharing your idea of putting the money you save on groceries into a college savings account for your daughter. Our daughter is just 6 months old and we are going to start saving our savings for her. Thanks again!

  2. says

    What motivates me to live with less and only buy deals? We just purchased a small townhouse (with a loan) and we have a goal of paying off the house before my oldest reaches mandatory school age (in three years) to allow me to cut back to working only three days per week so I can homeschool him! THAT is a huge motivation for me, because being with my kids and homeschooling has always been my heart’s desire! Praying for the Lord to give us that gift in his perfect time!

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