Ask Coupon Shoppers? What are the lowest prices for baby food items

I feel like a new mom. I’m not this is our third however, this is the first “baby” that I have been an avid coupon shopper with. The goal of coupon shopping is to user your coupons when you can get the most impact. We have the diaper deal round up every week to help determine when to use your coupons and stockpile. I need to know when to use my baby food coupons. What are the best prices you have seen for jar food and cereals?  I am also looking for formula prices. I recently found out that the generic versions are just as good as the expensive versions. I just need to look for the sensitive stomach versions. This lawsuit explanation further demonstrates my findings.

Here are the cheapest prices I have found:

Formula Kroger brand $13.00 23 oz I usually end up with a $3.00 off coupon so $10 for 23 oz

Enfamil usually end up with a buy one get one free coupon at Food Lion then I use a $5.00 off check from the company so $15.00 for two – $5.00= $10 for two of the smaller cans… could do the larger cans they are appox. $24.00. If you use Similac, there is a $3 off printable coupon at

Baby food jars/ plastic (here is where I really need help we just started food 2 weeks ago)

Rice Cereal-



Beechnut- $.43 Kroger

Gerber- $.97 average of what I have seen

Earth’s Best-

Let me know what you have found I will post my updated list with your ROCK bottom prices. Thanks!

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  1. Holly says

    We had to use formula with both our girls and found that we like the Target Brand the best. It had the best “smell” compared to the others, and actually had more nutrients then others, even name brands. You can get coupons from the Catalina machines at Target and it frequently goes on sale.


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