Ask a Blogger: Places to submit your content

Ask a Blogger: Places to submit your content



As a blogger, we all want to be heard, and our content to be seen by as many people as possible right!? Well sometimes we need to reach out to places beyond our little corner of the internet to get exposure to brand new people that might not have seen our awesome work otherwise. I began searching for great places to submit your content , to send my recipe, craft, and tutorial posts and found that there are tons of resources out there! So I thought I would share them with you today!

Here are my top places to submit your content:

Recipe Posts

  1. Foodgawker-Foodgawker has some pretty high standards, and is a great community for your best recipe posts! They do have to be approved before they will post a recipe.
  2. TasteSpottingLike Foodgawker, they like recipe with great photos, and your recipes will have to be approved before posting.
  3. DessertStalkingThis is a super fun site dedicated to all things sweet! Set up an account to begin, and make sure to check out their posting guidelines, which are pretty easy and straightforward.
  4. Food Porn DailyI know what it sounds like, but I promise it’s not bad ha! You can submit a recipe here easily by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking “submit a photo”
  5. BakeoliciousThis is a great tumblr to submit your baked recipes to.
  6. FoodiePixThis is another great site to submit your recipes too. Sign up is easy and free, and they also have a great tip section for bloggers!
  7. eRecipe Cards- This is a fun site because you can actually have your followers visit the site, and they have the option to search by blogger! So you can put all your recipes in one place. People that don’t know you can find you too because they can search by ingredient.
  8. Taste of HomeThis is always a great site for exposure, because taste of home is already a well known magazine. You can set up a free account to post your recipes here.
  9. FoodSpreadingThey love food bloggers, and have a great page for getting your recipes out there!
  10. Tasty KitchenTasty Kitchen is user friendly, and has a great community! Set up your free account and start adding!


  1. CraftgawkerLike Foodgawker, Craftgawker is the cream of the crop when it comes to submitting crafts, make sure to put your best post forward when submitting here!
  2. iShareCraftsThis is one of my favorite sites to view and submit my crafts to!
  3. Fun Family CraftsThis is a great site to submit your crafts that you can make with your kids, or are simple enough for the kids to do by themselves.
  4. CraftRouletteThis is an interesting site because when you land on the page you only see 1 craft, and you can keep “spinning” on the page to see other crafts, so it’s pretty cool! You can submit your idea at the bottom of the page.
  5. Dollar Store CraftsYep, it is as simple as it sounds, a great place to submit your frugal crafts!
  6. PinterestI know most of you reading this already have a pinterest account, but are you using it to it’s full potential? Do not discount pinterest!!
  7. Cut out + KeepThis is a great community for all things craft and create!
  8. Geek CraftsLet our your inner geek and share your geeky crafts! (Homemade lightsaber anyone?)
  9. Roadkill RescueThis site is all about trash-to-treasure crafts.
  10. HGTV has a whole section dedicated to user submitted crafts!

There you have it, some of my favorite places to submit your content!

Do you know of a great site that isn’t listed above? Please share it with us! Need some tips on taking great photos for your posts when you only have your phone? Check out how to take better pictures with your phoneAlso check out our Blogger tips for Pinterest and Keywords!


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