Ask A Woman, Wife, Mom, Teacher, Coupon user: What is your Blueberry Factor?

The Blueberry Factor: This is an article about taking care of yourself so you can take care of those you love. The greatest pleasure in my life is giving back to those I love. I do need to “recharge” in order to make this happen.

This weekend I am enjoying the fruits of my labor. I think what everyone needs to understand is that we all have a “blueberry factor.” What is a “blueberry factor?” It is what we all work for. In my family the blueberry has become the one item we buy every week no matter what the cost. I know crazy ha? I have paid $6.00 for a tiny amount of these splendid fruits. Why? They are the one item my kids will always eat and the one thing they always ask for. I will coupon from now until the end of time to provide them with blueberries if they want them.

I think we all have a blueberry factor. The one thing that I always give to myself is a once a year girl’s trip. We try to be frugal but at the end of the day I am not worried about what I spend. It is my blueberry factor. We all need a treat. Why else do we work? I pick expenses I can control and then the rest of the expenses are not an issue because I have planned for this weekend all year.

Here are the expenses I can control:

Travel- this year I will be driving so I will only pay for gas and parking. If I fly I usually use my husbands frequent flyer miles. I know one of my girlfriends is using her mother’s points. You never know unless you ask!

Lodging- we are sharing rooms and my husband got us a free upgrade because of his platinum level club membership. I am sure he would have gotten us a free room but he already generously gave me rooms for Tennessee. So I didn’t ask since we should use the free ones for our family.

Food- I will pack some snacks for the ride up and in between meals since I currently eat all the time. This will cut down on my impulse buys.

Clothing- I bought one new dress for $24.99 and I will wear the clothes I currently own that fit.

Entertainment- we are going to Washington DC so we are going to all the museums since they are free. We are also going to try to go out to eat somewhere with live entertainment. The last time we go together we went to the store and got face masks and junk food and we rented a movie in the room. We had a blast for less than $20.00 total.

The one thing I intend to do while in DC is eat a full meal complete with dessert. I will not have anyone trying to eat my food, asking me for help cutting items, or telling me they are bored and think it is time to leave. I intend to enjoy the company of my girlfriends. I want to recharge and reconnect. I truly believe every person in your life helped you become who you are. I want to say Happy Birthday to Alpha Xi Delta. Xi Love, to all my sisters near and far! I  am very excited about this trip because we all know when the new baby comes it is all about the baby!

What is your blueberry factor? How do you achieve it? What do you cut down on to get what you want? I know the primary focus of this site is living within the budget. I do hope that we inspire you to believe, dream, and create a new way of thinking. It is important to know that you are capable and that your needs are important. We often forgo what we need for those we love. Those whom you love will understand that you also need to take sometime for yourself. My son said, ” Mom you need a  girl’s trip because you do not get invited to that many birthday parties anymore because people your age are afraid of cake. ”

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