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Ask a victim of Phishing-

This week, coupled with lack of sleep, I became a victim of phishing just by going to my email box. I use Yahoo email for my personal email and it fell victim to someone who was phishing for information. This is what the people I spoke to think happened since I do not have any viruses on my Mac.

Phishing is a term used when describing computer security, phishing is the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

What do I think happened? (I am not an expert nor do I play one at home) I think the fraudulent party replicated my yahoo site and gained my password. It then proceeded to send out email links to my huge contact list. The most common link was for male enhancement drugs. It appears after further research that some companies pay for this service to improve sales.

Here is what I learned my password needed to contain numbers and upper and lowercase letters. I also have to make sure the site I am on is actually the site I really want to be on. I now have an icon for Yahoo that I created through Yahoo. It appears every time I sign into my mail. I will no longer leave my email open. I also installed virus software although it appears Mac computers usually do not get viruses. I did run a virus scan and I am hopeful that changing my password and deleting my contact addresses will prevent this in the future. I also heard if you send emails you should send yourself the email in the TO section and then forwarded emails in the BCC section. (Is there any truth to this?)

If the above does not work I intend to take my computer into the professionals at Gravitys Edge they have helped me in the past when I was a PC user.

I am sure most of you are more computer savvy than I am if you have tips please share them. What do you do to keep your computer safe?

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  1. says

    My wife sent me this info since I, too, am on yahoo. Question…how exactly did they replicate your site and get your password? I’m confused.

  2. says

    Your question: I also heard if you send emails you should send yourself the email in the TO section and then forwarded emails in the BCC section. (Is there any truth to this?) Answer: Absolutely! Every email address you put in the “to:” field is visible to everyone else in that field. Not a problem if you’re emailing people who already have each others addresses, but if you were sending out an email to your subscribers, they would then have the information to email each other. Using the “bcc:” field makes it impossible for anyone else to see who else is receiving your email.
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  3. Laura says

    Actually, there is no way they could “replicate” “your” Yahoo mail site. There is not an individual web page for each Yahoo member to use to log in. So, either you typed in an address that was incorrect but close to (or whatever address you use), and that site was a phishing site, or you clicked on a link in a phishing email asking you to log in (and it took you to something else, of course), OR someone actively TRIED to guess your password and was successful. Those are pretty much the choices unless a virus was involved, and as you said, that is probably unlikely give you have a Mac unless you do send out mass emails to your friends and include all their names and addresses in the cc: field. In that case, yes, if you want to send mass emails to your friends for some reason, then make sure they are all bcc:’d instead of cc:’d, because any one of them could either scoop up your list or, if they get a virus, would lay that list of addresses open to being preyed upon. Hope it’s all better soon!

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