Ask A Traveler: Where is your kid’s shirt?

We started this site  because Renae and I wanted to share our best moments and some questionable times. I will not say bad because I believe everyday is a learning experience. I learned to triple check everything and to ask my husband not to clean out the car before a trip because I have “in case of emergency” everything in there. I now have a clothing emergency and my backup plan is in my garage .

The grand vacation plan ends in one naked kid so far. We have headed out of town for the night. I packed a huge suitcase for the kids and myself for Saturday night and Sunday. I asked my almost six year old to grab some shirts to place in the bag. I failed to check that this was done as a result my son is currently walking around in my shirt with strict instructions to leave his sweatshirt zipped. I am hoping for a mild weather day so nobody sees my glitter enriched garment. The baby has gone through 3 outfits and it is only 9:00am Sunday. I wonder if traveling is worth it and I have decided unless a washing machine is available with three kids a journey that involves clothing changes is now in my book as optional.  I invite you to share your travel horror stories to ease my mind because this morning on top of  all of that I am not feeling well. I can only hope that the rest of the children stay clean so they do not end up in mom’s clothes as well.

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    Hi Amy,

    I hope that in hindsight you can laugh. But I can relate. We recently took a 14 day trip, first to Las Vegas then on to Orlando. In Las Vegas my daughter wore her crocs. Then on to Orlando which would require wearing sneakers most of the time. Only then did I realize that the 8 brand new pairs of socks that I had rushed out to buy the day before leaving were no where to be found.

    Packing her things she told me her socks didn’t fit. So mad dash to find ‘the right socks’ – seamless, but cute! Oy! But I found them and headed home to wash them and pack them. Washed and ready to pack I put the socks on my daughter’s bed. She could not go to bed w/o moving them. Did she put them in her suitcase like I had asked? NO. Did she tell me they were packed when I asked? YES. Did I double check? OF COURSE NOT!

    So here we are at Disney World and the cheapest socks are $8.50. A. Pair! So I quick text and call my husband who is still in Las Vegas at a conference and ask him to stop at the mall. Afterall, we were going to be at Disney for 10 days. I’m not paying that much money for socks!

    Hubby grabbed 4 pairs of socks and thanks to the laundry room we had plenty of clean socks. But, I learned my lesson. No matter how helpful she is, always double check what my daughter packs.

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