Ask A traveler: What lessons did you learn

I just got back from a 16+ car trip to Florida. We had a wonderful time but I believe you need to document mistakes so you do not make them again.

honda odyssey van image

Here is what I learned:

10) Plan your trip so you do not arrive at your destination at 3:00 in the morning or so you do not have to debate staying at a place that charges by the hour. Deal or no deal????

9) When looking for a place to stay after driving over 14 hours with three wide awake children at 2:00 am do not drive around to save $3.00 your wife will not be happy.

8) When you have children no matter how many ” just in case of outfits” you have in a separate bag they will always out puke, pee, and out spill what you have set aside and you will have to open the big luggage to find something else.

7) Buy slipper socks so you do not have to spend 15 minutes looking for shoes that happen to have ended up in a closed compartment in the car.. but nobody knows how they got there??

6) 16 hours in a car will either define your relationship with your spouse or destroy it. We luckily had a good laugh as we commiserated together.

5) Have plenty of change on hand for random tolls that do not take dollars but they want you to mail in your payment if you do not have $.80. This will allow you not to pull over and search the children and the car.

4) Make sure you have tons of snacks and food on hand so you do not have to hear I am hungry when the other two children are asleep.

3) Do not attempt to pull your car into the garage when you get home if received a car top carrier as a gift while you were on vacation. (We didn’t but only because we kept reminding ourselves every 1/2 an hour.)

2) Do not follow your GPS blindly because when you pushed the button she “refused” to let you go the way you normally drive home.

1) This is just a note of information from South Carolina to Virgina after 12:00 am on route 15 there is not a bathroom open or a place to get coffee.

How was your trip?

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