Ask a Teacher: Why don't the people who need to, coupon?

Here is a Quote that I ran across on My Baton Rouge Mommy site

Interesting Statistic: Only 1% of coupons are ever redeemed and the people most likely to use coupons are those in the higher income categories.

Why is this? What do you guys and gals think? I have my own ideas lack of knowledge, time, accessibility to coupons, and excuses! I am sure of one thing all of these objections can be met with ingenuity and thought. We offer FREE information on this site. We speak to large groups for FREE. We have several graduates of our workshops in this area who can help you. I know that we each have circumstance beyond our control. We can control  what we choose to do to make a difference. I agree with the statistic. I do not have to coupon, we will still eat without coupons. But all the other things I want that we can’t afford I will have to do without. I guess it is a choice, expensive food that I could have paid less for or more money toward our family goals and bills. It really is about what you spend. If you spend $2.00 on the same can of soup that I spent $.40, then you spent $1.60 more. That adds up no matter how you look at it. Can coupons change your life? The answer is YES! They changed mine. I now do things differently and you can as well.

We still have spots open for our workshop. You will save money if you choose to embrace savings. If you put in the time. The math is clear save $20 a week that is $1040 a year! I am saving $400 a month that is $4800 a year! I have a family of four and one is in diapers. I have to say Renae does even better than myself but I am fine with my goal of $100 a week to include everything. What is your goal. If you are not in the 1% of coupon users why not?

Here is more of my math (yup, last job 6th grade math teacher.. So I love math):

If you save just $5 a week in 30 years it is $30,068 (edit: this is if you put your money in a standardized interest bearing account!)

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