Ask a Teacher… What do you do when it is time to have a Birthday Party

peter pan, captain hook, tinker bell, wendy

peter pan, captain hook, tinker bell, wendy

My rule is simple invite everyone in the class. I know, I lost my mind but the effects of being the child that is not invited is awful. My son is in Kindergarten and even at his young age they all talk about the big party. I never want my son to leave someone out. He told me he isn’t best friends with everyone but it was nice to have them at his party. If having a huge party is cost prohibitive to you. Then think of places to host your event for free. Like the park, beach, a track, or even the local mall playground. The cost will be minimum our cake was just $19.98 from Sam’s club and it fed 35-50 people. We had half of it leftover and we had 70 + people at our party.

This is your chance to get to know the people that your child is around. This is also your chance to teach your child about kindness and manners. It is a nice thing to do to open your heart to everyone even if it is hard to invite “that” kid. If you walk away with one thing today remember that we never know what event changes a person’s life and an invite to a party just might help in a positive way. Every child has a gift or something special to share and maybe your invite will let them know that they belong and are important.


What are some ways that you have taught your child to be the deliver of goodness?

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  1. Shelly says

    Amee, love this one! You are so right! I believe the same thing. I love celebrating my children’s birthdays and always invite “too many” according to my husband but I never want to leave anybody out! Sorry we missed this one! Didn’t want to bring the flu to you guys!

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