Ask A Teacher: To fight back or NOT?

This is a hard one. When should a bully get it back? When is it self defense? When is fighting okay? In our household hitting is unacceptable. The only thing we “hit” are balls. I think fighting can be done in several ways the best way to fight back is to use the proper channels. It is important to teach our children rules. I know not every child or parent subscribes to these rules but we can’t be concerned about others. I have had a parent of one my students threaten to hurt me because their child behaves for me. I mean really is society so out of control that threatening harm is okay?
Our son currently goes to Karate. We didn’t send him there to learn how to fight rather how not to fight. We want him to learn self-control and discipline. We want him to learn how to control his emotions and get prospective on a situation.

I have always told my student if someone hits you grab their hand or block them. If someone tries to kick you grab their foot they will fall on their bum. Then go get an adult. I hope our schools work toward prevention but I know that they can only do so much. We as parents and teachers need to work with our children to accept children and people who are different from us and embrace them instead of hit them. It is also important to address the power of words with our children. We must teach them that they often hurt longer after the sting of a punch or kick. I know I will get a lot of What if questions. My answer is still the same hitting, punching, kicking to hurt someone else is not okay. Lets teach our children how to make positive changes instead of doing negative things.

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