Ask a Teacher: Should I read to a baby?

margeaux and amee

This is an easy one. Yes! read to your baby before they are born. They love your voice. Then read to them as soon as they come out. This will help you spend quality time together. I read chick lit to my daughter for the first 6 months of her life. I needed something to do while feeding her. I was also so sleep deprived that it was the only thing I could miss a couple of pages and still get the plot. We now read together as a family before bed. We also read as soon as my son gets home from school as part of his homework. I leave a board book in her crib. She loves it. When she wakes up from nap she look at it. She even opens it correctly and turns the pages from front to back. It is amazing what modeling will enable your children to do. She is 11 months now and she brings me books to read as she plops herself on my lap. It is such a wonderful thing to share a book with a child. Reading is what dreams are made from.

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