Ask a Teacher/ MOM … What's for lunch?

me matthew margeaux

Amee, Matthew & Margeaux


Matthew: Please, mommy and daddy pack me a lunch I like. I need to be fed and full of energy.(repeating what we say over and over again)  

Me: What would you like?  

Matthew: I have no idea.  

Me: Well think of something we have 15 minutes before we have to go to school.

Matthew: random list of items.

Me: Well it sounds like you need the big lunch bag today.

Matthew: Yes, mommy I think it is going to be one of those days.

Me: (in my head not aloud isn’t it always one of those days)

The problem is I never know what my son will eat. The problem for the teacher is I pack 30 items into a small bag without labeling anything. I am sure my son puts out every item and by the time he is done displaying the bounty. His lunch is over.

Here is my plan to save money and time in the pursuit of LUNCH! I am going to get organized this weekend. The first thing I am going to do is pick out fabric napkins. I am going to teach my son to use things that we can wash instead of throwing away . The next step is to label all of my containers and stop using plastic bags. The third goal is put all the items he would want for lunch in little container so he can  pack his lunch. The fourth item is to pack lunch the night before..(this is a hard goal because my son is very indecisive).

After looking at the websites below I think I may get him a tackle box and put his lunch in there. we are going through the food can not touch stage. I found this one at walmart online for $10 but I know they are cheaper in the store since I have tons of them for my jewelry making beads.

/matthew's lunch

Matthew's lunch

The goals I selected have educational implications. I am fostering independence in my son. I am teaching him to make choices with clearly defined limits. He is limited to the healthy items I have placed in containers. We use the colors of the rainbow to determine what needs to be eaten during the day. This is an excellent way to make sure your child is eating a healthy diet. It is also very easy for them to understand. The way that these skills transcend into school is he will be able to take instructions and follow a task to its completion with limited redirection.It is important to allow your child to make choices and it is equally as important to have your child(ren) be involved in the daily chores.

Here are so sites for yummy lunch ideas:

Family Fun

Baby Minding

What do you pack???

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    God bless you cause I would not be that patient. I usually pack my kids lunches and I know their preferences but I try to get my pickest eater to expand what she will eat now that she is older (8) and it has been working marveously. She still prefers plain food (as in no toppings) but her list of what she likes has grown a ton in the past 2 years simply by trying and trying again. The more she tries stuff the more she realizes she likes more.

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