Ask A Teacher: How do you Teach SHARING

Show me how to sled

Show me how to sled

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The secret to teaching is modeling. It isn’t enough to just say share. We need to show our children how to acquire this valuable skill. This is a skill that we need to work on through out their lives. It will start with toys and grow into ideas. Then they will need to have the confidence to share who they are with the world.

The fondest memories I have are of conversations I have had with my parents over dinner or lunch. It is neat to learn about how they became who they are. I also think it helps us figure out our identity based on where we came from. It is important to show your children your faults and your good points. It allows them to share who they are without a fear of rejection.

I always start each school year when I taught showing the students pictures of myself in that grade. I even have my report cards that show a great amount of academic progress but a lot of comments on excessive talking on the back. I explain that I am not looking for perfection just hard work and a positive attitude. Share a story with your children today. We do not have to be perfect just involved.

Here are some ways that you can foster sharing:

How about by making some of your child’s toys out of common household items. This is a great way to foster creativity and recycle at the same time. I was up earlier than normal got to love teething and I stumbled across

PBS A Place of our own

They were doing a special on teaching sharing. They used homemade blocks that were made from common boxes wrapped in paper but they could be painted as well. They applied a little Velcro and voila instant toy! I thought about sharing in broader terms. This would be a great way to share ideas and time with your child. Yes, I know the older ones may not be interested in making blocks but how about habitats or robots? The possibilities are endless. I believe that doing art with your child builds their confidence and it gives you a place to share yourself. This time you spend building a project will foster your relationship with your child. Do you have a teenager how about building a model airplane or making up a nail saloon? We try our best to spend special time with each one of our children. It isn’t really about the activity it is about the experience!

What kind of things do you do in your house to foster sharing?

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