Ask a Teacher: Dress codes Yes or NO?


I love dress codes. I have to say, I have seen my share of inappropriate body parts over my career. I have had to call home when a 3rd grader went without underwear.  How did I know? Well, she was telling everyone. I have seen bra straps, bras, bums, underwear, and bellies when I taught sixth grade. I think asking students to cover up is necessary; school is not a place to show what you have. I actually like uniforms. How much easier would my morning be if I didn’t have to pick something my kindergartener would wear and then convince him to put it on? My clothing budget would be less too. I would not have to worry about if he has the right sneakers. Yes, at five he has a preference on brands (enter Grandmom to take care of that request).

I have heard the arguments:

  • “Children should be free to wear what they want.”
  • “It really doesn’t matter what they wear.”
  •  “Who does the school board think they are implementing all these rules?”

 I am the first person to stand up and support personal expression. I think encouraging students to express themselves in their academics, not in their attire, can easily do this.

How do you feel?



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