Ask A Swim Instructor: What do you need to know to keep your kids safe

The sun is out and my little one is on the run. She is usually on the run straight towards water. I have thought about taking her to swim lessons but I am strapped for time. My husband also taught people how to swim when he was in the Navy; so he wants to do it. I keep seeing articles on children drowning and most times drowning occurs while the parent is right there. My husband actually rescued a three year old when she was in the pool with her babysitter. She was very lucky that my husband knew CPR or she wouldn’t be alive. It only takes a couple of seconds to go from fun to an emergency.

I asked my friend Angel if she had some tips to help me keep my little angel safe.

  1. Keep your eyes on your child at all times in and around water.
  2. Do not use floaties or rings to play with children in the water.This creates a false sense of security in an unskilled child.
  3. Utilize pool fences, alarms, etc. for barrier safety.
  4. ** Find an instructor in your area at Infant Swim to teach your child life-saving self-rescue skills by an ISR instructor. In case they fall in alone. “The sooner…the safer.”

Angel is an instructor for Infant Swim. Her website can be viewed here. I watched Angel on the news and I learned I need to teach my child how to float on her back. Then she should swim for the side. This little bit of information could be the difference in her surviving if she fell in the pool.  I say fall but what I mean is run full speed and jump into the pool when we are not around or not paying attention to her.

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    This was a HUGE concern of mine when we put our pool in last year…that all of my grandchildren learned to swim…even the 3-year-old. It is a must. I would definitely have your husband teach your child because one of the most important factors, I believe, in teaching even the smallest child to swim is TRUST! There is precious time lost for child learning to trust someone new and since the daddy wants to do it…I say go for it. Everyone of my grandchildren know how to swim no matter what the depth of the pool. My husband taught my daughters, and we teach the grandchildren, that swimming is the same no matter the depth. Floating is important, but my biggest goal was getting them to swim underwater too because if a child cant swim underwater, they will panic if they fall in. Good Luck to you and I pray for your child be a confident swimmer soon.
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