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I have been on a PTA or a PTO for years now. I have been on the teacher side and now the parent side and I encourage you to do the same. I read the articles on the internet often and watch the news and the stories involving today’s youth. There is almost always have one thing in common with the children who are in the trouble. They are struggling in school or they have dropped out of school. What can we do to fix this? How can we as a society become more proactive? The answer is simple it is making education a priority. This involves making sure the schools provide for our children and we do our part to support the schools. The efforts required to educate a child are not limited to the academic curriculum. The whole child must be addressed and their needs met. We must strive to address issues when they are incidents and not problems. I realize that making the meeting and doing the projects are often time prohibitive for some parents. There are always ways you can help on your own time frame. I attended a meeting last week after 3 hours sleep, working 8 hours online, and doing Madame Deals. It is possible.  Our children spend the majority of their day in school and as a society we should be more concerned about what goes on there.

What do you do to help your school succeed?

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