Ask a Person with an ID

I just got back from a weekend of sleeping and I have to say I feel really tired. We gathered a group of moms and rented a time share. It was very reasonable $20 per person. The main objective I had was to sleep but since we were in Williamsburg without children we decided to finish our holiday shopping. I was surprised by how many companies gave me a discount when I presented my Military Id. I found that almost every retail store had the ability to give 10% off their prices it seemed to be at the discretion of the sales associate.

I thought I would list them for you just in case:

Harry and David

Kate Spade


Most Hotels

I never thought to ask. I have decided to ask everywhere because I was very  surprised by the response.

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  1. Julia says

    I love Williamsburg – so full of history!!! Since you mentioned the military ID, I wanted to thank you and your family for the sacrifice you all have made to serve our country. I know being a military family is not easy and the pay is not great, but you are very much appreciated! Merry Christmas.

  2. Sarah says

    I’m from VA. Especially in the Williamsburg area, there’s a lot of military living there so the stores are very military friendly. Good idea reminding everyone to ask for these discounts!

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