Ask A Person Who Chooses People Over Stuff

Ask A Person- Who chooses people over stuff

This is hard for me to write but it shows a lot of growth in who I have become. I used to be stuff driven. I had to have the Gucci, Prada, and all the I “wannas.” I would continually say “I want a” so it became the I” wannas” in our house. I now want for my family. I want to do for my kids. I learned this from my husband who gives without taking. We actually just celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary yesterday and I asked him what he wanted and he said,” I want to be the best husband and father.” It got me thinking what if we all thought about choosing the people in our life over our stuff?  What kind of impact would that make in all families? I am going to take a moment to reflect on all I have because it really is all I ever wanted.

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  1. c s says

    This is excellent.
    I am amazed by how some husbands and fathers are. My husband is like that and my SIL and my son. It is so wonderful how men can sacrifice and love us so much.
    I agree. Our business has been so poor this year and my husband is looking for a job and applied to one in LA which is an awful drive there and back each day. He is 56 and I hate for him to have to do each day at this stage of his life. I would just prefer to have less and have him not have that schedule. He is the important one, not things.

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