Ask A Multitasking Money Saving Mom of Three

Ask a Multitasking Money Saving Mom of Three… How has your life changed?

I decided that my sanity is expendable but making sure there was some normalcy for my children was not negotiable. The last couple of months have been challenging. I haven’t been able to be the mom I wanted to be to all of my children.  I had a lot of time to think while hanging in the hospital and I decided that my best is all I can expect.

I decided I needed to multi-task and give up a couple of things. The first thing I gave up was a shower by myself. It turns out if I want a morning shower leaving my daughter anywhere near the baby is not a good idea. The solution is my daughter now showers with mommy. I now have a clean daughter. That is until breakfast. The payoff, I do not have to give her a bath at night.

Another duty I gave up is I no longer make my bed. I now have my bed made by our son. He gets money towards his video game and I do not have to attempt to make the bed with a baby in one arm and a toddler around my leg. This saves time and my sanity.

How have I saved money with the addition of our third child? That is easy! I can’t go out shopping because we are worried since he is a preemie that he could get sick easier. If you stay out of the store then you save money. I have also really had to streamline my errands and buy online when I can. When I buy online I am able to find the best price and shipping is usually free. This also reduces any impulse buying.

I found I can save time and money in the kitchen making several meals out of the same ingredients. I now have to do things quickly and efficiently. I made sauce this week used it on pasta, raviolis, and burgers. Then I froze some for the next couple of weeks.  I also decided that my husband needs to watch the children when I go grocery shopping- it is quicker and I can save more money.

I also determined what we will actually do this summer and what events are pipe dreams. I would love to say that we are going to the pool everyday. Instead I opted to buy a day trip book. I know we will not go enough to buy an entire membership. I also started renting movies for free when we get free codes for the red box kiosk or the blockbuster kiosk. We are also reading a lot of books from the library. We are reading books and then doing art projects based on the books we read.

This is my family’s new favorite multitasking item that I do. I make fresh fruit smoothies for breakfast. Then I use the leftover smoothies to make popsicles for our afternoon snack. I often use fruit that is ready to spoil because freezing it preserves the fruit and that saves money. I also found if you take your berry smoothie mix and pour it  over vanilla yogurt or ice cream it makes for a wonderful treat.

What sanity saving tips do you have for a mom with two children that are under the age of  two?

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  1. says

    My biggest sanity saving tip: Stay home.

    I know, I know. It’s not a lot of fun some days to just stay home. But really – the absolute work it takes to get everyone in the car and manage everyone at the destination can just be overwhelming some days!

    Besides the money saving part of staying home, it just makes sense for our family. We know others that go to the pool everyday, or the park or to museums or on playdates. But I cannot manage my sanity AND my little people if we are that busy.

    I am sure other more ‘fun’ moms have better suggestions! 🙂


  2. ACW says

    You have to find the kid-friendly zones in town. For us, this includes the Museum of Life & Science (totally kid-friendly), city parks, the university gardens, and the kids’ play areas of the malls. When the kids can run around and not have to worry about holding your hand or staying within five feet of you, and you can let them play in a wide-open area and know they’re safe… it makes a world of difference.
    I’m kind of a freak about kids and water, so the pool was difficult for me with two little ones. Now that they’re older, and I know they can stand up with their heads above water, it’s more pleasant. Plus, all it takes is an hour in the pool and they come home ravenous, eat dinner, and pass out until morning. 🙂

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