Ask a Marathon Mommy: Choosing the Right Sports Bras


 Choosing the Right Sports Bras

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If you follow us regularly on Facebook or Twitter, then you probably know by now that the Madame Deals gals are heading to Chicago for a blogging conference later this month. We will be very busy meeting with brands and other bloggers, attending classes and events, and seeing a bit of the city. We will be on our feet all day! Yet, somehow…

I convinced the girls to run the BlogHer 5K Chicago Fun Run with me!!!

As you can tell, I’m really excited! And while we are doing this for fun and will probably do more walking and talking than anything, it got me to thinking…what advice would I give a brand new runner (or a non-runner) who was entering her first 5K?

The first thing I’d tell her to do is to buy herself a great sports bra! But that might not be as easy as it sounds, especially for those of us who are a bit more, ahem, well-endowed. Luckily, there are sports bras for runners of every shape and size.

Here are some tips for choosing great sports bras for running:

  1. Go bra shopping in person. Shopping for bras isn’t much fun. But fight the temptation to order a sports bra online! You’re going to want to try it on for fit and comfort.
  2. Go to running specialty store (if possible). Did you know that these even existed? I didn’t until I became a runner. But there are tons of them out there, quite possibly right in your own town. These stores are often staffed with runners who can give you expert and firsthand information about which bra to choose. And, of course, running stores will have high-impact sports bras that are designed especially for runners.
  3. Look for bras with cups so that there’s support for each breast. These bras give better support, reduce bounce, and just look nicer. Think up and out, rather than squashed in.
  4. Also look for bras with cup and band sizing (like a regular bra), rather than just small, medium, or large. You will get a more precise fit this way – but remember that your sports bra may not be the cup size that you normally wear.
  5. Look for moisture-wicking fabrics and avoid sports bras that are made of 100% cotton. Cotton will trap the moisture from your sweat, and a wet bra can cause uncomfortable and even painful chafing.
  6. Pay attention to the straps. Choose a sports bras with wide shoulder straps or racer back straps, particularly if you have a large chest and need extra support. And adjustable straps can help you get a fit and more support.
  7. Try it out in the store! Jump, jog in place or around the store, swing your arms.  The bra should minimize breast movement when you bounce up and down. If you jiggle or if the bra rubs, slips, or pokes you, keep looking!

Sports bras now come in everything from an AA to an H – so there truly is something out there for just about everyone! Here are some top picks:


I can’t wait to get out there and run with my Madame Deals girls. Wish us luck!

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  1. Much as I would like a razor strap bra, I can’t find and in my size unless they are black. I prefer white. Needless to say since I am a “healthy girl”, they are few and far between.