Ask a Football fan: What is the Tebow factor?

The Tim Tebow Factor-

What is the Tebow factor? The name Tim Tebow will forever be part of University of Florida history. It isn’t only because he is a great football player but most importantly a superior role model. He inspired those around him to live up to their potential.

I bet you are wondering why football is appearing on a site about frugality? The answer is simple this young man had the power to empower a nation. He alone empowered a team. How? He simply did it by doing his best. His work ethic is incredible. You will never hear this young man make excuses instead he takes on responsibly and gives it his all.  I have heard all the press surrounding Tim’s first round pick in the draft. I wonder if people have lost site of what a whole player is? This young man may not be the best at anything but he is what every team needs. He is someone who loves beyond himself and is focused on his team. You will not see Tim Tebow celebrating unless his team is winning.  He will not celebrate his own success because he is part of a whole.  What difference can that make in sports? Well, I would say two National Championships and a team that stayed together when most of the athletes could have left early for the draft.  He has already raised thousands of dollars for his charity just by signing autographs.  As a teacher, parent, wife, and mother it is my hope that there are more role models around that I can direct my children towards.

I often wonder what our society would be like if we took action instead of made excuses? I realize excuses take less effort but their impacts are also less. The amount of change one person can make is evident in history. It is evident in your family when you make a change that impacts your finances or the way you speak or treat others. I encourage all of you to have a “Tebow” conversation with your child or a pep talk just for yourself. It is possible with hard work. It is never easy to make a change but the implication of a change that you imagine, lead, drive, control, and eventually score with will result in a huge celebration. It isn’t enough to hope. You need to enlist people who are making an impact. You need a system and a goal. You have to identify what you need in order to make your dream happen. What is your dream and what are you doing to accomplish your dream? Leave a comment because writing it down is a step towards realization.

Mine: I am on a weekly plan since that is all I can handle at the moment: This week I want to cook ahead on Sunday and make several meals for the week since I know I will have a lot to do. I want to involve my son, daughter, and husband in the process so it becomes a family ritual.

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  1. Maggie M. says

    The bottom line if everyone chose to live like “Tebow” the world would be a better place. Do your best at all that you do, put others first, do not be ashamed of what you believe in. May my children shine the way he does when they grow up. His parents did an amazing job.
    Maggie M.


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