Ask a Coupon shopper: What is your impact?

The number one question I get is: How much has using coupons changed your life?

I believe. I see. I know. I can do it. I can also teach my children to live in a way that is inspiring to others.  I think about the journey we embarked upon when building this site. We decided on one mission reach, out and help our community. We made the choice to try to teach using workshops, articles, our experiences, and our expanding knowledge as our resource. We value each person who comes to this site because we care about helping you and listening to your ideas. We have learned so much from you. We are glad we have this online community as our platform. We decided to care through coupons and money saving tips.

Why? Personally I know we only have so much money and I want to be able to help my family with their current needs and with their future needs but I also want to do more in our community. I receive emails all the time asking to help strangers. The first thing I do when I receive a request is think about how I can allocate my resources to get what is needed. I can’t always give cash but I can give time, food, toys, and beauty products. I can do all of these things because I use coupons.  I am also proud that we collect expired coupon for the military. We will gather the coupons and send them off the first week of April. I already have about 15lbs ready to go.

When I reflect on the meaning of saving money and using coupons and the impact it has made on my small area of the map, I know it is one the resonates loudly with my son. He sat next to me last night and asked, “What are you getting for free to donate?” I thought how neat!  He wasn’t concerned with what he was getting. He didn’t want to keep my “score” he wanted it for someone else. So when you look at that $.25 cents off  coupon think about what it really means. It isn’t about what you save it is about what you spend. If you spend less on your groceries your impact on what you can give to your family and others is more. Think of it as the pebble that ripples through the lake. It only takes a little effort to make a big impact.

I am not sure what I have saved since the start of our site last April. But I can tell you I was able to spend $200 a month ($2,400 this year) on my daughter’s prepaid college. I would NOT have had money to take on this expense without the use of coupons. It makes me feel good that my change in behavior will impact her future the possibilities are limitless once you commit to making DOLLARS out of CHANGE.

What have you been able to do since you started using coupons? What impact have you made in your family and your community?

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  1. Jen says

    What a great topic! Because of couponing (and adopting other frugal living mindsets) I have actually been able to stay home with my kids. My first (4yrs old) was born with multiple abnormalitites that we did not know about during the pregnancy. I had always thought I would be a working mom, well, he cannot be in a daycare because of germs and because he was scary (breathing issues, eating issues) we never would have found a fulltime babysitter.
    I have also been able to donate a lot of stuff to our church (meters, food, baby stuff) because I have gotten them for free! Even if I won the lotto, I think couponing/frugal living would always live inside me!

  2. Adrienne says

    My husband and I were facing a really difficult period financially last year when hours were cut at work. I started couponing in March, got pretty extreme by the summer, and I’ve been doing it ever since. Now, instead of being in a financially difficult spot, we were able to pay our credit cards off in September of last year… so we are now extremely comfortable. Instead of investing a ton of money in Christmas this year, we gave out gift baskets full of the free/ cheap stuff we got using coupons. We were able to give family a ton of health / beauty / food products that they had always wanted to try, but never wanted to spend the money on. We still get raves about our gifts… everyone loved using all of the products… and we didn’t bust our budget to make it happen. Now that our financial situation looks more stable, we are able to help out some family members who are in a much more difficult situation… something we would have never been able to do without coupons. Thanks to sites like yours, even while working full time I am able to manage my coupons and match up deals. Thanks Girls!!!

  3. Amanda Y. says

    I’ve been a big couponer pretty much my whole life (I was a cashier in high school and learned from many customers coming through!)…first it was just about how cheap could I get all my food, then it was about buying as healthy as I could (we eat much healthier with deals and coupons than we ever could afford to otherwise), then I began to use the cheap or free items for gift baskets or Christmas gifts like another commenter mentioned, and now I am slowly learning to give my free items to shelters, etc. I am not religious, so I never knew how many non-religious outlets could use my help. Now, pet shelters, homeless shelters, women’s shelters, and the Ronald McDonald house are some of the places I’m starting to help!


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