Ask a Citizen: What is the Manner

I often wonder if manners are dead. Is it to hard to say please and thank you? Can it really be that difficult to look someone in the eyes when you respond to them?  Where are we left without the use of manners? I deplore foul language and bossy requests. The hands on our hips and demand in the voices of our youth is both appalling and starling. Where and when did this become more the norm than Madame and Sir? I realize it is from us. I think about it often why aren’t we nicer? It is free and easy to do. I try to speak to everyone I interact with and ask about their day. It often startles people because our world has become so fast that we have forgotten about the people in it. I ask you today to say hi, please, thank you, and how are you to a stranger. It will make their day as well as yours and who knows what kind of impact it can make on your family and theirs.

Each change is made with the decision to make a change. We are each capable of making a positive impact, it only takes a small effort. NEVER underestimate what you can do. What did you do today to make a positive impression in someone’s life?

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  1. Amanda Y. says

    Although I don’t think youth or elders deserve any more or less respect, I think all people should treat all others with the respect and decency they themselves want! I miss this a lot here in the area I currently live, as I believe these people are the most rude individuals I have ever met. I’ve actually said hello and held doors and had people ignore me! Unbelievable


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