ASK A Blogger: Where do you begin



I got a lot of emails asking me how did you go from a teacher to a blogger? The answer is simple I “googled” it. I actually learn a lot from google and from you tube. I also learn a lot from being in networking groups on facebook. The easiest way to learn is to ask questions and read. I spend a lot of time looking at successful blogs and taking some of their ideas and making them my own. I like to call it a Madame Deals Improvement. I know my audience and I know who I am so I know what to tweak and how to make things work for my site.

The start of a blog. The first thing you need is your concept. The second thing you need is a domain name. I buy mine from Go Daddy because they have an easy to use search tool and they are cheap. You can easily look up your domain name idea with them. I use Go Daddy Bulk Domain Registration. I would suggest buying the .com and the .net if both are not available than move on. Hosting just $1.99/mo! - 468x60

I would actually suggest hosting with them. I was able to use them for a quite awhile before my site became to large for a shared server. If you have a site already and you are experiencing down time. I would suggest you use Liquid web hosting. Madame Deals has knocked down 6 other web hosting providers and we have been with Liquid Web for several months without incident.

   The next question I get is how do you get your emails out. I have to say I have a huge mess right now on that front. We start using feedburner which is free. Then over time we started using feed blitz and I can’t figure out feed blitz.  I am paying a lot of money each month and I can’t figure out who is opening my email and who isn’t. I am very frustrated so I have decided to try another email marketing service that is a LOT easier to understand. I am so limited in my time that I need something idiot proof. It also cost 50% less than what I am currently paying and I am the owner of a deal blog.

I recently started using Mad Mimi. It is free for 500 users than you pay $8.00 a month. I like how easy it is to customize your newsletter. I also like that you can manipulate your data easily so you can look at trends and do something about it.


I was able to generate my email subscription box without any real knowledge. I say you get what you pay for if you invest in your mailing software you will get more of a response from your readers. I also need tax write off so I figure I might as well spend money to make money and run my business professionally. I added the additional fields because I am using the sign up to create a blogger only list. I like networking and I want to be able to reach different audiences. The Mad Mimi platform makes it easy for me to do so.

   We will talk about what to write about next week because content is king. The better your content on your site the more traffic you will have and that will result in higher SEO and a greater number of return readers.

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