Ask a blogger: increase page views

increase page views

Increase page views

The top ten ways to increase page views are:
1) Write quality content
2) Write content that people are looking for
3) Use keywords so that people can find your quality content
4) Use great images to add to your quality content
5) Promote your content daily
6) Keep track of your promotions I made a checklist that you can use for free… Blogging tips ten things you should consider
7) Use these services to promote your content on”
a) Google +
b) Pinterest
c) Stumble
d) Instagram
e) Twitter
f) facebook
g) You tube
h) newsletter service
8) Look at your post can a reader that is a visual learner learn, how about an auditory learner. Think about making you tube videos to go with popular posts or pod casts it will help your post rank higher.
9) Create┬áRegular Features–that Fans come back for and make sure they can find it on your site easily
10) Work with other bloggers on posts, giveaways, and even spend time going to leave comments on posts . This is a community and we need to act like one! Team work rules!
That is how you increase page views.
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