Ask a Blogger: How do you make a button

The button … everyone has one.  I don’t mean belly.  I mean blog buttons.  This is the easiest way to promote who you are.  I am going to show you how to make one in under 5 minutes.

Where do you get them?

You can make your own.  I will show you the easiest way I know.  I say if I can do it, anyone can do it.

Step 1: Think of your theme

Step 2: Search for or create an image to use for your button. Here are a couple of sites that have nice images. Make sure that they are not copyrighted.

Step 3: Open your image in a FREE editing tools
picnik for great editing options
Photobucket so you can get the html code when you are done creating your button

Step 4: Edit your image by cropping, enhancing colors, adding text, removing flaws

Step 5: Resize your image to be 125×125

Step 6: Save your finished product to

Step: 7: Get the HTML code so you can post your image on your site and make your button available for others


If you need a button made or you need any design work done:
My friend Kas at Southern Bellas Ways To Save makes super buttons.

She designed ours for our bloggers group Money Mavens.



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