ASK A Blogger: How do I add images and hyper links to my site


If you missed any of our other  Ask a Blogger Articles. We talk about how to post in Word Press. How to make Blog Buttons, Creating the best Site design, moving your site from Blogger to WordPress and How to Build an Audience.

Why do you want to add images to your site? The answer is simple to get attention. They are also used to describe something. The best answer is people look at pictures and the longer people stay on your site. Why do you want people to stay on your site. Well, they are more likely to click around and buy something that you are selling or they may just decide to stay and sign up for your feed through facebook,  twitter, rss, or google friend connect. This is how bloggers make money through advertising.

That is why knowing how to put hyper links in your post is also important. You want to be able to write about topics and either link back to a previous article you have written. These types of links are referred to as” deep linking” or you would like to link to another company. We “bloggers” often link to companies that sponsor our site by offering us commission on the products they sell. I have a commissioned based link in this post . When I suggest Host Gator to you below. If you link to topics that have a large number of people searching for them then people may end up on your page as a source of information on the store, topic, or product.

It is really easy to add images to your page and to hyper link you article. Watch the video below.

If you need hosting we both use Host Gator and Love them.

What are your questions about blogging we would love to help?

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