ASK A Blogger: Finding Keywords

 Finding Keywords

Where do I begin without leaving a crowd of you laughing on finding keywords. I blog but I just blog like one throws 300 darts and hopes to hit the mark. I decided instead of throwing three hundred darts I would learn to throw one and throw it well. That required a lot more reading and work then I wanted to do but I did it any way. I have heard I need to use the Google ad word tool.  I didn’t because it required me to open another tab and honestly I always forget. Then I kept reading and I found this article to be very helpful if you are looking to build your page and fill it with relevant key search terms by using Advanced Seo Tactics. In a previous article they discounted the accuracy of Google’s own tool.

finding keywords Finding Keywords

I am not actually at the advanced level yet. This is what I have done. I studied what gets SEO juice on my site. I was surprised to learn we have awesome SEO  for beds. I have no idea why. Yes, I am looking into it but for now you will see a bed deal daily. I did however decide that I wasn’t just selling beds I was giving information about important ideas. I needed a quick way to pick the key words that may help get my message in front of the most people. I found this awesome Word Tracker by SEO Blogger. I love that it is easy to use and it can be opened while I am writing my post. You simply download it on your firefox browser and then learn how to use it by clicking on HELP.

I love the word tracker because I can’t be bothered with another tab to search through. I already have 3,00o open at once. Their keyword tool is easy to use and free. I will let you know next week how well it works. I am going to use it for 7 days for every post I write. You can down load your finding keywords and see if it works for you.

I would love to have some feedback on its effectiveness in your blogging. If you use google adwords let me know if it is better than word tracker.

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Topic:  Finding Keywords

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