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Blogger Button

The  Blogger button exchange. Is the exchange rate fair? The answer is usually not. I have stopped exchanging buttons because I can’t be sure what people post on their site. If my button is on their site and they post things that I wouldn’t agree with by having my button there I am associated with their opinions. I also stopped exchanging buttons because the exchange rate wasn’t fair. I need to keep my sidebars full of ads that is how I get paid each month. If i clutter them up with non paying customers than I am missing out of easy money. I am also very careful who I marry my brand with because once you do it is preserved on the internet for ever. You can see my blogger button on my site.

Blogger Button

I am very careful who I chose to sponsor because I feel like picking a sponsor is a lot like getting married. The marriage and relationship is pleasant but the possibility of divorce is ugly. You also need to make sure the person behind the brand or blog is someone you would really be proud to call a friend. It takes a lot of work to build a blog/brand/ business so be careful who you lend your name to.



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