Arla Dofino Cheese Party


Arla Dofino Cheese Party

Arla Dofino Cheese

Is there therapy for a cheese addict? What happens if you are the mom that has children that are also addicted? Well, you look for cheese that is good for you and a good value for your family. The Arla Dofino brand of cheese, made by Arla Foods, includes a naturally delicious range of family-friendly cheese flavors such as Havarti, Gouda, Edam and Fontina. Great for casual get-togethers or afternoon snacks, Arla Dofino cheeses bring simple joy to families who want a quick, better-for-you snack that is free of hormones and additives.


I decided I would throw a pool party. I would create a recipe that was both easy to make and wonderful to taste. I will also admit it used my leftovers. I made a buffalo chicken salad and I put in the chipotle gouda cheese from Arla Dofino. It was sweet with a little bit of a kick. It was so wonderful that I then ate it with apples and strawberries. It is the perfect thing to pack up in a cooler and take it with you.


I also brought along the Havarti it was sweet and creamy and everyone age 2 to over 40 ate that up. The kids loved it. I loved serving something that was so healthy and natural. I think if you buy a quality product it ups your game in the chef depart. This all natural cheese was fantastic. I couldn’t believe it was found in my local Walmart fine cheese section.


havarti cheese

I intend to make grill cheese with turkey bacon tomorrow. I totally believe the crowds will go wild. I do appreciate a great meal and every meal is better with Arla Dofino cheese.

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arla dofino cheese

Arla Foods is the fifth largest dairy company in the world and a cooperative owned by dairy farmers. For more than 100 years, Arla has been crafting its cheese in Kaukauna, Wisconsin – the heartland
of America. The Arla Dofino brand of cheese, made by Arla Foods, includes a delicious range of family friendly cheese flavors that are naturally good, free of added hormones and crafted with quality, natural ingredients in an environmentally friendly way.

  • Arla believes that milk is nature’s best food product.
  • Arla cheeses have the same four core ingredients: pasteurized milk, cheese culture, salt and microbial rennet.

Arla takes the guesswork out of grocery shopping –all the important boxes are already checked.

  • Natural goodness from farm to fridge
  • Few ingredients
  • No added hormones
  • Insuring the milk comes from known
  • local farmers
  • Food safety and sustainability
  • Corporate social responsibility


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