Andrew Marc

Andrew Marc

andrew marc

If you are looking for the latest upscale fashion in outerwear, shoes and accessories, that name means something to you. Andrew Marc means quality, modern style, uniqueness and luxury. It means the latest in fashion and trendsetting. His clothing is worn by celebrities and those with their eye on fashion. This season the cast of True Blood is outfitted in leather coats from his Fall line, which is set to launch any day now.

The Andrew Marc website affords accessibility to his outstanding outerwear and accessories to us all, from the streets of NYC to the countryside and around the globe. Shopping is easy whether you are in the market for a men’s leather jacket with a sleek build and distressed styling, leather shoes which blend seamlessly with the outerwear selections or fitted, organically colored leather jackets for women. His watches, bracelets and sunglasses all reflect the latest fashion trends and would make a wonderful gift for yourself or holiday gift for someone you love.

andrew marc

Picture it…it’s Christmas morning and you watch with great anticipation as the one you love opens a big, red box. You know what’s inside and how excited they will be once the lid comes off and the paper is pulled back to reveal what they’ve been dreaming of for some time now. You wait, and suddenly you are rewarded by seeing the look of surprise followed by sheer joy as they quickly try on the soft, distressed designer leather jacket from Andrew Marc. This could be your Christmas gift.

Visit the Andrew Marc website for your holiday shopping needs and the latest trends in high fashion for outwear and accessories.

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