An Abundance of Perishables

Freezing Carrots

Freezing Carrots

I am getting ready to take a 10 day vacation. I have cut way back on grocery shopping leading up to the trip. However, I still had some perishable items that I didn’t want to go to waste. I thought I would share a couple of tips!

I had a whole bag of carrots that would have been spoiled by the time we got back. I did a little research and found that you can blanch and freeze carrots easily.I sliced some and kept some whole. For the sliced carrots I boiled them for 2 minutes to blanch. The whole carrots required 5 minutes. Then I immediately cooled them in ice water. I do not have a food saver. Ziploc freezer bags did the trick while I expressed as much air as possible. The carrots were packaged according to serving size for my family.

I happened to have extra orange juice too. I learned a trick from my friend Julie some time ago. What you do is pour the orange juice into an empty ice cube tray. Place it in the freezer until the orange juice is solid. Kids love the frozen orange cubes! It is kind of like a popsicle only in a bowl with a spoon! Place extra frozen orange cubes in a ziploc bag for future treats.

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