Amee's Weekly Spending

The quest to stay within my budget continues.. I am so proud of myself for accomplishing this goal! I am spending $100.00 a week or less on our groceries, dog food, diapers, and formula. Yes, we are still eating well.

week sept 13

I spent $16.25 at the farmer’s market and $19.47 at food lion saved $14.26

I got the Mouthwash at CVS for FREE I had 3 $2.00 off coupons so after ECB they were FREE.. Did I say FREE (saved $11.97) oh and so were the two power shots. They were free after ECB (extra care bucks)

Note: I am missing my bag of dog food $3.62 w/ coupon from the picture and the tuna steaks were $7.50  the rest of the salad stuff and the grapes which my son ate on the way home and the air freshener was $1.00 after coupon and that added up to the $19.47.

food lion

food lion

I then spent $ 36.27 at food lion. I saved $17.04. I bought the formula by stacking coupons it was & $17.99 and I paid $10.99. I had a coupon if you spend $10 in the bakery you get $3.00 off. We eat a lot of bagels especially since my daughter is teething.

*** I freeze the bagels and she bites on it. It really helps make teething less painful

I know tons of oatmeal… it was 2 for $5.00 and there were extra packets in the boxes I picked. I then had a $1.25 coupon off of 2 so I basically got almost 5 boxes for $7.50 about $1.50 a box (normally $3.29- $3.99 a box)

***I bought a lot of these oatmeal packets because they are easy to throw in my baby bag when we traveling. They are light and easy to transport and cook.

total= $71.99 + rite aide $3.63= $75.62

At rite aid I took advantage of the johnson and johnson baby sale if you buy 10 items you get $15.00 back. I had a $25.00 giftcard from a rebate offer. I will end up spending just $3.63. The travel kits I used my raincheck on them making them $1.99 each and then I used a coupon which made them $.99. The best part is they are normally $3.99 so I got all the items below for less than the cost of one travel kit. I love coupons and single check rebates!!!

Spent $3.63 out of pocket after single check rebate of $15.00

Spent $3.63 out of pocket after single check rebate of $15.00

Here is what we are eating this week:

Sunday-  shrimp and sausage kabobs with squash

Monday- roasted chicken and potatoes

Tuesday- Tuna Steak with squash and tomatoes

Wednesday- Steak with balsamic vinaigrette

Thursday- Subs and Salad

Rehearsal dinner

Wedding (congrats Julie and Tucker)

Sunday- not sure :)

Lunch- eggplant parmesan, Turkey sandwiches, spaghetti, healthy choice meals, salad, yogurt

Breakfast- Yummy breads from farmer’s market, waffle, oatmeal, eggs, cereal

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