Amee's weekly spending



Food lion 10/6/09 Spent $48.37 saved  $34.08

Big Lots $14.07 I didn’t have time to take pictures

I bought organic chicken stock $1.29 carton, sugar free canned fruit $.33 can, Apple sauce $1.00, Bread $1.20 loaf, Cheese and pretzel dips $1.00, Ranch dressing cups $1.60, snow clam chowder $1.30 can, Brownies $2.00

I know I saved 20% because I used the coupon posted on our site!

Went back to Food Lion because we needed milk and ALL laundry soap was $2.77 a jug; I used a coupon and paid $1.77 each. I bought 2 because that was the number allowed. I also bought salad finisher with blue cheese. Then grabbed cream cheese 2 for $1.25 each (making cheese cake YUMMY) and some grapes $1.29 LB  Spent $11.84 Saved $9.65

$74.28 SPENT

This is for this coming week:

Sam’s Club $59.87

Farmer’s Market budget $20.00

Last weeks meals:

Chicken with sweet potatoes, tomatoes, onions, Chicken soup homemade and one to freeze, Pizza (free) from papa johns , Salad with strawberries and blue cheese and chicken, Lasagna, Shrimp and pasta

Chicken salad for lunch, Ham and Cheese Sandwiches, pepperoni and cheese, salad

Breakfast: Waffles, bagels and fruit, eggs, french toast, cheerios, and oatmeal

This weeks meals:

Beef stew (one meal for now and one to freeze), Spaghetti sauce (one meal now one to freeze), Baked mac and cheese made by Sam’s club (cheaper than me making it $7.24) Makes one meal and two lunch for the kids, General Tao’s chicken made by Sam’s club $9.54 (cheaper than chinese out), Connie’s orange chicken, Crockpot ribs and sweet baby ray BBQ sauce ($3.75 ribs $1.00 for the sauce), fried catfish

(why all these prepared meals or simple meals? Well my schedule is becoming hectic and I do not want to sacrifice yummy food because of time)

Lunch- Spagetthi and pasta, beef stew on egg noodles, baked mac and cheese, salad, pepperoni and cheese, Spanakopita, and yogurt

Breakfast: french toast, pumpkin bread, banana muffins, cereal, waffles and bacon

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