Amee’s Weekly Shopping Trip: Operation stockpile for the baby

I have been very busy and I have to say taking pictures of my groceries with three kids hasn’t been in the cards. I did have the day off on Tuesday so I thought I would share how I spent my budget of $125.00 weekly for my family of five. This includes all my childrens’ diapers, formula, and household cleaning items. I usually do not spend my whole total but we needed to stockpile baby items and I had coupons that were going to expire plus I bought a stocking stuffer (sippy cups).

I spent $124.79 total at all three stores Rite Aid, Giant, and Kroger I have $4 to spend at Rite Aid next week and $5 at Giant (so actually I only spent $115.79)

Spent at Rite Aid $25.94  Saved Rite Aid $14.46  


Spent at Kroger  $71.01  Saved at Kroger $69.71

Spent at Giant $ 27.84  Saved at Giant $62.41

Total I Saved $146.58

Tips from this trip:

1) Check the bakery for over baked items. I scored the rolls for just $.50

2) When there is a coupon out for foods that you eat gather as many as possible. I asked everyone for their baby coupons . I scored the Gerber baby food for $.25 a package. ($.75 coupon still doubles to $1.50 off two packages. The packages are $1.00 each at Giant so $2.00 for two- $1.50 for the doubled coupon you pay just  $.25 each)

3) Shop the mega events and combine the deals with coupons. I got all the tuna in the picture at Kroger for free using my coupons $.55 off coupons!

4) Figure out the coupon cycles for the foods you eat most and stock up when they are on sale. I got all the turkey bacon for free at Giant… in fact they paid me to take it. It was on sale for $1.29 and my $.75 coupon doubled to $1.50!

What is your best tip?



  1. says

    How do you figure out coupon cycles? I inevitably miss deals because I don’t have a coupon at the right time or I let one expire. It’d be nice to be able to count on them at certain times!

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