Alternative Gift Wrap Ideas

Alternative Gift Wrap Ideas

Gift Wrap Ideas

I love gifts! Getting gifts, giving gifts, even wrapping gifts. I especially love to give a gift that has a little extra something, like really creative or special wrapping. There are lots of little special touches you can add to a gift to make it stand out. It can be something super simple that just takes a few minutes or maybe something that takes some time and effort. No matter what look you are going for, we have a holiday gift wrap idea for you! Here are 15 holiday gift wrap ideas for you to try this year.

15 Alternative Gift Wrap Ideas

  1. Use white butcher’s paper with different colors of Duck tape to make a ribbon, star or snowflake design.
  2. Use sheets of newspaper instead of wrapping paper and ribbon. It looks really cool and costs next to nothing! Magazine pages also work.
  3. Use brown kraft paper and tie with raffia or get fancy and decorate with an ornament.
  4. A large map makes a creative way to wrap a gift and can be reused.
  5. Wrap in tissue paper and decorate with washi tape for one of a kind gift wrap.
  6. Use a piece of pretty fabric to wrap your gift or make a pouch. Unique and pretty!
  7. Do something fun! Wrap a big box, like for a flat screen tv or a video game console. Put your really small gift, like a gift card or a piece of jewelry in it. It makes a really unexpected surprise for your recipient.
  8. Skip the gift wrap and give them 2 gifts in one. For a fashion lover, use a cute purse or tote bag to “wrap” their gift. Got a student on your list? Put their gift in a backpack or laptop bag with a bow.
  9. For a small gift, get an old book. Cut out a square or rectangle in enough pages to make a “box”. Put your gift in the book box and tie it with a ribbon to keep the book closed.
  10. Holiday patterned long socks make a great wrap for a wine bottle. Just make sure the sock has never been worn.
  11. Use unique items like barrettes and costume jewelry to dress up a plain package.
  12. A pretty patterned hat box looks great and takes no work!
  13. Search online for free printable gift wrap.
  14. Plain, solid colored paper and rubber ink stamp designs make great personalized gift wrap.
  15. There’s nothing like the art of a child. Have your kids draw holiday themed pictures on a roll of white paper. There you have it! DIY wrapping paper with priceless art at a fraction of the price of store bought wrapping paper.

With a little bit of thought and imagination you can wrap all your holiday gifts in your own unique and creative way. If you aren’t sure where to start use some of our 15 gift wrap ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Remember, have fun and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Do you have other gift wrap ideas? Share it with us below.

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  1. Heather Chandler says

    I use old maps. Many states have them for free at welcome stations. We pick them up when traveling for vacation. Then when we return, they go into the wrapping paper bin.

      • Heather P says

        Be sure to scan it and then you can use it to do double duty – wrapping paper and then the scans can be turned into personalized note cards that can be printed again and again. Oh! and be sure to put the child’s name and age on the back of the note card so the sender/recipient will know who did it and at what age.

        • Madame Deals says

          You are so smart! That is a wonderful idea! The artwork will be preserved but not in a huge stack on my table like it currently is!

  2. sheri finta says

    I love to make bows out of tulle – it is realy cheap by the yard, – I cut strips of it and mix the colors, or not…makes lovely airy bows that do not crush.

  3. Sarah says

    You know the long peices of brown paper that comes in packages? My kids LOVE coloring on them and then reuse it as wrapping paper. I save most of the boxes as well. Not to mention, Im the person that always saves and reuses the holiday gift bags every year. LOL! Plus I always save the comics out of the Sunday paper to reuse as well.

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