Allergy Mattress Covers

Allergy Mattress Covers

allergy mattress covers

Block dust mites and bedbugs and get better sleep. Hurry and grab this chance to get Up to 64% Off CleanRest Pro Bedbug-Blocking Hypoallergenic Mattress Encasement! The CleanRest allergy-blocking mattress encasement defends beds from infestations with MicronOne fabric technology. It’s breathable and water-resistant cover stretches to fit mattresses up to 20 inches deep with adjustable elastic sides and is machine washable. 4 Sizes Available. Free Shipping.

Choose from the following sizes:

  • $24.99 for a twin ($69.99 list price)
  • $29.99 for a full ($79.99 list price)
  • $34.99 for a queen ($89.99 list price)
  • $39.99 for a king ($95.99 list price)

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