All You Magazine & School Fundraiser

all youOne of our readers, Maggie, just alerted us to a great deal on All You magazine. Many schools have fundraisers by having the students sell magazines. The subscription for All You is just $12 for 1 year, according to Maggie. UPDATE: The subscription is $12 for 9 months or $20 for 2 yrs. Her nephew goes to New Mountain Hill in Fortson, GA. His website is, school is 710316049 and Code – AND1. Orders must be in by September 15th, HURRY!

Our local school also has a magazine subscription fundraiser. The Central Elementary deal is All You for 18 months for $20 or 8 months for $10. However, it ends tomorrow. If any of you are local, find your nearest Central Elementary school student and sign up! If you don’t know any Central Elementary students send us an e-mail e-mail icon
with  ALL YOU in the title and I can order it through my nephew.

If you are not familiar with All You, it is a wonderful magazine full of manufactures coupons. This months issue had over $83 worth of coupons in it. All You also has great money saving articles, recipes and ideas!


  1. Maggie says

    Just got an email that they will take orders until 09-18-09 so get a great deal and help a great cause!!!

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