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Roku 3

Who Needs Cable When You Have a Roku?

About 3 years ago, my husband came to me with a “radical” suggestion – to get rid of our cable television. Here’s some of what went through my head: “No cable? With two kids under the age of 5? I love TV! He must be out of his mind!!!”

After the initial shock wore off, we took a look at the facts. We were spending over $70 just for basic cable. That’s over $800 a year! No premium channels, no DVR. Our kids watched only a handful of TV shows on the same two channels. I primarily used the television for background noise while cooking dinner. While I love TV, it had been years since I’d been able to keep up with the current prime time TV schedule. And as a couple, we would sit together and watch maybe an hour or two per week, tops.

Our conclusion? That we were throwing away a ton of money every month and getting very little in return.

Roku 3

What is a Roku 3, Anyway?

My husband told me about this thing called Roku. I’d never heard of it, but I checked with a girlfriend’s tech savvy husband, who spoke highly of it. So I agreed, albeit somewhat reluctantly, to give it a try for 6 months. And my husband agreed that if the kids and/or I were unhappy with the decision, then we would switch back to traditional cable.

So how did it turn out? It’s been three years, and we’ve never considered going back to regular cable. We love our Rokus! We now have two Roku HD Streaming Players, a Roku 2 XD Streaming Player 1080p, and a brand new Roku 3 Streaming Player, which Roku has asked Madame Deals to review.

Here’s how it works: Roku streams programming from the internet directly to your television. You can choose from over 750 channels, from premium services (for a fee) like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant Video, to FREE channels like YouTube, Pandora, and Crackle. Roku also provides access to a selection of free or very reasonably priced video games that you can play right on your television screen.

My kids love to play Angry Birds and search for their favorite cartoons and videos on YouTube. And we all love Netflix! The kids can watch their favorite TV shows (Dora the Explorer and Phineas and Ferb), movies (Tangled and Pocahontas), and discover new shows (Eliot Kid and Bonnie Bear). And I’ve been able to watch great shows that I missed during their original run, like Lost and Friday Night Lights. My husband and I have found a number of shows to watch together – and now instead of listening to the TV while we cook, we listen to our customized stations on Pandora! We watch the news on the CNN International channel, and my husband loves to explore more obscure news outlets and channels.


The New Roku 3 is Even Better!

So you already know that I love Roku. But what makes the Roku 3 different or better?

  • The interface is fantastic – easy to use and intuitive.
  • Roku has made it even easier to search for channels on this latest model.
  • The remote control is similar to the sleek, simple remote for the Roku 2, only this one comes with a built-in headphone jack. Just plug in your headphones and listen privately. Love this. In-ear headphones are included with the device.
  • The remote also has motion control – I’m not very tech savvy, but I’m told that this is an important feature for playing video games.
  • Speaking of video games, Roku 3 comes with Angry Birds Space.
  • There is a free app for Android and iOS devices that will turn your phone or tablet into a remote control for your Roku 3.

And here are some specs for those of you who are more technologically inclined:

  • Dual-band wireless (Wi-Fi  a/b/g/n compatible)
  • Ethernet and USB ports, plus MicroSD slot for adding extra storage
  • Up to 1080p HD

Here’s the coolest part. The Roku 3 has a suggested retail price of $99.99. So instead of paying $70 or more EVERY MONTH for cable or satellite TV, you have a one-time cost of $99.99 for your Roku 3…and unlimited options! (Remember, you will need high speed internet access in order to use any Roku device.)

Take it from this Roku convert – you will love the new Roku 3, whether you use it to replace your cable service or to supplement it.

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And now one lucky reader will have the chance to win a Roku 3!

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  1. Elizabeth Anderson says

    My friend bought one last year and after staying with her for two weeks, i fell in love with the Roku 2. What a great product!! If I were the lucky winner, I would put this in the living room for all to enjoy and then the Roku 2 that we just bought would go in my room. I currently use a converter box and the signal in my area is so horrible that I don’t even bother turning my tv on anymore.

  2. Marsha Scott says

    We have a Roku but it’s one of the basic models. We love it and would love to be able to upgrade to the Roku 3. I absolutely LOVE my Roku!

  3. Clark says

    I want to get this for my parents. Their TV choice are limited where they live, but they do have broadband. Roku would be great for them.

  4. Jill says

    I would love to win this. I love tv so firing my cable company seem out of the question but I would love to try

  5. Becky says

    I would love to win one of these! All we have right now is regular TV. This would be perfect for at our house!

  6. says

    Oh, gosh. I have wanted a Roku device for several years now! I’d love to win one! We haven’t had cable in about that long – or any TV at all until about 6 months ago – and would be so excited to receive this and get back to some good ol’ TV watchin’. It would be a real money-saver for us. Thanks for the chance!

  7. says

    We would love this! As a single mom, I have to stick to a tight budget. We have not had 7 years but we love Netlix and watch from our laptop.

  8. Dovie Elliott says

    I would love to win this because, we want to do away with directv. I’ve seen how this work,these are awesome. I really hope i win this!!!

  9. Tessa says

    I’ve tried to cut cable and use online sources to watch things, but it’s sometimes a hassle to hook things up to the tv or watch via computer. It’d be great to have the Roku to hook up and never come back to cable again!

  10. Mer says

    I’m ready to cut the cord! The Roku looks like a great way to both save money on cable and improve my viewing habits as I won’t get sucked into whatever’s on.

  11. Barbara E says

    Just heard about Roku for the first time a few days ago. Love the idea of doing away with cable, especially since my husband wanted to cancel it after seeing the last bill.

  12. a marie says

    I have always hated the cable companies- it would be great to have a roku so we could get rid of cable for good!

  13. Teri R says

    Well heck ya! Would love to get rid of cable. Just a couple days ago, I tried to downgrade, but was gonna lose certain stations. I have 5 boys and a grandson, so yeah that wouldn’t work. Hopefully Roku would be the turning point for getting rid of the same old showings on cable. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  14. Julia A says

    I would love to win a Roku3 because I am sick and tired of throwing my money at the cable company. My husband is set to retire from the military next year and any way that we could save money would be wonderful.

  15. stephaniet says

    Haven’t had cable since 2005, I’d love to have a roku so I could finally watch tv in the living room!

  16. Tina Gaynor says

    We are getting rid of cable when we get our tax returns and can get some roku boxes. We need to be able to afford Kindergarten for our son!

  17. DawnJay Varjabedian says

    This sounds great. I do’nt know what else to cut from our tv bill. No matter what I remove to save money, they just increase theprice somewhere else. Our budget has shrunk but not our expenses. This would help!!

  18. Beth Ellis says

    Would love this! My sister has one and loves it and let’s face it…who doesn’t love to save money!

  19. Yolanda Flores says

    I also spend a lot of money on basic cable; this would be great to minimize my expenses as a single mom!

  20. Sacha Schroeder says

    We pay an insane amount for satelite! This would be awesome because we could save a lot of money!

  21. Megan Parsons says

    I want to win because the Roku 3 is the only one that works with my internet! I’ve been wanting the Roku so we can watch our favorite shows or movies since we have no cable or internet!

  22. kristen says

    we’ve been looking for alternatives to paying crazy amounts for cable and think this may be a great idea and would be so excited to win!

  23. Stefani says

    I’ve been trying to convince my husband to cut the cable too. I would love to win and give him a reason to try it!

  24. Sarah H. says

    We don’t have cable and my kids are going crazy with only one channel to watch. Angry Birds Space would be a huge bonus! The Roku 3 would be perfect for us!

  25. Jerri Pâté says

    I would love to win a Roku 3! We have 2 in the house already and I would love one for the bedroom!

  26. Lisa says

    I was laid off in jan and now decided to be a stay at home mom. This would really help to have then I can cancel the high cable and my kids can still enjoy their shows along with me. Thank you.

  27. ccw says

    we just moved into a new apartment and have been reluctant to sign up for cable again. roku looks like a great alternative!

  28. Eric says

    I have been a big fan of Roku for a long time. I would love to win one of these for my parents and help them get rid of their cable box.

  29. Maria says

    My cable provider keeps raising their rates (totally price gouging) and I’m sooo tired of it! Would love to try out the Roku 3!

    Thank you!

  30. Sarah M. says

    I’ve just started to hear about these devices recently and I would love to see what they offer before committing to ending my relationship with cable. And what better way to test drive one than to win it!

  31. Amanda Williams says

    We are fixing to buy a house and don’t want the major cable bill, plus we have five kids that would LOVE this! They pretty much all like the same shows (I know, shocker) so there would be no fighting it.

  32. Barbara Kesterson says

    Would love to have a Roku, we got rid of cable about 10 years ago and have been using an antenna ever since. Our reception fades in and out alot. We do Netflix alot and it would be nice to stream it to our TV instead of sitting in front of the computer screen to watch a movie. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to all.

  33. Elizabeth says

    My mother in law has a Roku and it’s awesome. Wish Ic ould get one for my house so it would bbe fabulous to win!

  34. Jessica says

    Am definitely not getting cable when I move but still need something for my 6-year-old to watch. Am debating between the Roku and Apple TV so would love to win it to give it a try.

  35. Elizabeth Young says

    Why would i like to win a Roku 3? Well, i’ll tell ya… remember when we had analog tv and got maybe 3-5 free channels of tv? then, they came out with the digital and said we had to all switch over and that it would be soooo much better, clearer pictures, more channels, etc and gave out free boxes? well i was getting 3 local channels on my tv on analog. when they did the mandatory switch – I LOST EVERY CHANNEL! EVEN WITH THE BOX! boy was i mad! i spent the last 5 years or so with NO TV, NO NEWS, NO NOTHING! everyone around me was getting some channels. i just lived too close to the trees. and the trees arent mine. and i wouldnt have wanted to chop them down anyway. and i have 0 income and have been trying to get my disability (yeah thats a lie too, being able to get disability if you are disabled) for years. so when the $10 for a year local cable deal came around, i got it for my local channels. im angry that i have to pay for what everyone else around me gets for free! and its only for a year, then i’ll have to cancel cause the price will double and i dont have it. so, a roku would be my only option i will have left in a few months. but again, i dont have the money to go out and buy one. so although it will be my only option left, i still may not be able to go out and get one if i had to pay. so there ya have it.

  36. Tricia Martin says

    I would love to win the Roku3 b/c right now we use our xbox to stream Netflix and Hulu Plus and it gets hot sometimes. I worry about overheating. I’ve heard good things about Roku and would love the chance to win one and experience all it has to offer. I’ve been cable free for 2 years and like your family, we haven’t looked back either. =)

  37. teresa harvey says

    I would love to get rid of cable, they aren’t very nice here and really expensive for just basic cable. My oldest son has Roku and loves it!

  38. mikki rivera says

    I’d love this for my three year old daughter. it seems like a nice cheap alternative for her and this would make the whole family happy.

  39. Shayla says

    I would like to win a Roku 3 to help my mother save money for our family. Our cable cost is ridiculous.

  40. Stephanie Thompson (Free) says

    Because I haven’t had TV since it was switched to digital because we don’t get a signal for a single station plus I can’t afford cable so I just have the intranet at a very low price so i Stuck with that.

  41. karen says

    I have never heard of this – it’s certainly a cheaper way to get tv shows and movies, sounds very interesting and will be brought up at dinner tonight!

  42. Vicky Allan says

    I would love to have something more than just my regular antenna TV which has very limited viewing possibilities or hovered around the computer trying to watch something.

  43. says

    We have a Roku2 and love it, but I’m excited about the newer features of the Roku3! We cut our cable a while back and this helps in our effort to safe money!

  44. dvine l says

    i want to win a Roku 3 because I cannot afford cable.. Had cablevision and their internet was not reliable and the only time watching cable was good was when i had the premium channels.. Premium channels boosted the bill to high.. Tried Direct TV, same problem, but the service was pretty reliable except in really bad weather.. Couldn’t afford the bill. Now using Hulu Plus w/Netflix on my Wii.. Problem is I only 1 game console and 2 other rooms that need something..


  45. Jonna Paul says

    Would love to try a Roku 2, not sure I can give up my cable, but would love to try it out to see if I could…

  46. Kathy Peterson says

    I recently dropped the dtv and saved a little bit of money but still paying 70 month for basic. This would be a great investment.

  47. Shawn says

    As I’m always doing housework I don’t get to listen to anything regularly being in different rooms constantly. The Headphones in the roku 3 would be perfect for listening as I work.

  48. Tracy Preschat says

    I would love to win a Roku 3. My husband has been laid off from work through the union for 2 years now. We have had to cancel our Satelite tv months ago and it’s hard on the kids and grandson when they want to watch their favorite shows. The kids never complain, but i see the look when their friends come over for a sleep over and their is nothing to watch at night in their rooms~ Pick me~

  49. Stephanie S. says

    I would like to win a Roku so that I can stop spending $200 a month for cable without missing it. It’s really such a waste of money, but I’d go crazy without the constant background noise and shows that I like…

    Thank you for sharing your experience and hosting the giveaway!

    Stephanie S.

  50. Sharon Miles says

    would love to have roku 3 – got rid of cable $168 a month, have roku basic but need another for bedroom.

  51. Mandy Blackwell says

    Been looking at the Roku and am supposed to be pulling the plug on cable. It’s just so hard! Have to on Monday. Will save over $100 a month!

  52. Heidi Daily says

    I would love to win this to be able to take it with me and watch netflix and amazon instant anywhere I go

  53. valerie says

    I’ve been wanting to cancel my comcast for a while now – winning this would force my hand so i can’t chicken out anymore 🙂

  54. tracie carter hans says

    WE are obsessed with our ROKU.. we have the very 1st one and its still going strong. I would LOVE to get a new one for my sons

  55. susan wiener says

    luv to win this because we don’t have any modern day electronics, so this would be great and we couldn’t afford it ourselves. Keeping fingers crossed. thx.

  56. Sylvia Zajis says

    I am currently paying cox cable $150 per month for extended cable, no premium channels!
    I would so love to cancel it, and laugh at the person who is trying to get me to keep it!

  57. Cindy W says

    Would like to win because the ability to eliminate ANY bill would be great after being unemployed for 3 years and worried about loosing our house as it is.

  58. Eva says

    Would be great to have…one central item to watch movies, shows and explore the rest of the great options.

  59. Cathy Alger says

    I would like this so I can get rid of cable…I just found out my cable company will be increasing.their rates in june.

  60. Carol Agate says

    We have also cut the cable cord!! But when my grandkids come over they want to watch more than the select DVD’s I have so this would be awesome!!!

  61. says

    If I could talk my husband into it I’d love to ditch our cable we spend over $100 a month on it . He, loves his sports channels though so not sure if he’ll go for it. But the savings would be great.

  62. Kevin says

    I have the Roku XS and just recently signed up to test out Netflix and HULU Plus for a month. So far, liking it alot. Would love to get an upgrade with the Roku 3.

  63. Chevon says

    Love our Roku’s!! I’m still trying to convince my husband to get rid of cable…but we love how you can do so much on the Roku’s boxes!

  64. says

    these days it seems so hard to keep up on all things tech related – the gadgets, software, search sites, iThis and iThat…

    when i was younger and would visit the Sharper Image store in the local mall and couldn’t get enough of it! i even helped the clerks better explain the features and why someone just had to own this _(let’s say a light-saber)__. that was me decades ago. and unlike the majority of my friends in the 40’s – i don’t have kids or a husband to explain any of this too me! crazy how life rarely follows the path you initially imagined being in at each mile marker of life.

    i used to feel like the lucky one, not having kids…..but they really seem to be a vast wealth of information! proof was my nightly call to the folks in florida last night. i was thrilled to have finally found a song i knew that i needed to hear again…(never remembering the title or singer….but knowing that it was an inspirational graduation song from the 90’s, yet i never had success googling those words or any alteration of them) ….until last week!
    Wear Sunscreen: A Primer for Real Life by Mary Schmich.

    Both Mum and Dad were telling me (mostly at the same time) how to search, what to search for, what site or what apps i need to download and use immediately! Their final zinger was their cheeky comment….”we could have easily done it. next time call us.”

    AND they certainly proved their case because as I was holding the phone up to my speaker; never realizing that they were not fully giving me their attention and listening to the words that changed my life, instead they were multitasking ONLINE! Now mind you, these two braggarts were recently computer illiterate and now they are a MacGyver / 007 duo?

    Winning a brand new Roku 3 from Madame Deals, Inc. would be OUTSTANDING for all parties! Because I am not afraid to speak my mind and share my passions with the world! I believe that we are living in a world where word-of-mouth (even when you don’t know the mouth) seems to be the new, most successful, cost efficient marketing campaigns. Who better to sell products than the people who have a PASSION? Winning a Roku 3 would set me on the right path, where i used to be decades ago, and allow me to even the playing filed with my folks!

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