Aldi Gift Certificates Contest

Just in time for summer, ALDI has released their 2012 seasonal catalog online and in stores. The summer catalog offers all the essentials you need for a successful season at great prices. They have delicious recipes, outdoor patio furniture and ideas for family activities.

Known for its premium exclusive brands, ALDI offers more than 1,400 of the most frequently purchased grocery items for up to 50 percent less* than traditional supermarkets. Customers can get all the essentials for less, including everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to a wide selection of grilling meats and award-winning wines, to outdoor patio furniture, plants, flowers and convenient camping basics to make summer a success. Stores will also carry an additional line-up of more than 130 seasonal items at unbeatable prices now through August.

To find an Aldi store near you click here.

Now here’s your chance to win ALDI gift certificates!

Inspired by my Pay it Forward Mission with this contest,  you can win $25 Aldi Gift Certificate for you to keep and another $25 Aldi Gift Certificate for you to give to a friend.

Inspired by my $100 Story, I decided that this year Madame Deals’ mission is to unite people through good deeds and giveaways. Please read all of my Pay It Forward Friday posts! Plus, check out this article written by my fans 100 things you can do to help others for FREE!



1. Check out Aldi Summer Catalog. What is your favorite deal? Place your answer below

2. Answer the question – What is your Pay It Forward Mission this week?

3. Share this contest on Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon or Pinterest. Leave a comment below for each share that you do.

Contest ends May 17 at 11:59pm EST



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  1. Judy Bradley says

    The AdventureRidge air mattress & pump for $14.99 – thinking about camping this time of year!

  2. Betty Barnhart Lockhart says

    I like the Adventuridge dome tent for $24.99!! My kids would have a blast with this tent!!

  3. Isabella says

    The folding table. Great for the Drive In! My pay it forward…give up my quarter and let someone have my cart at Aldi’s! Not much but it always makes someone smile! :-)

  4. Betty Barnhart Lockhart says

    My Pay It Forward mission this week is to donate my extras I got with coupons to my local pantry.

  5. says

  6. CA Sctt says

    Paying it forward by going to visit someone from our church in the hospital, having his leg amputated at 9 eastern.. I do not know him,, but thats okay . . God does!

  7. Jennifer Hiles says

    My pay it forward mission is to share the gifts I won (on the awesome blogger sites) with my mom and sister for mother’s day

  8. Deb says

    My Pay it Forward this week will be textbooks. I just graduated from a Paralegal program. There is a classmate who still has another year and he is a single dad to 4 girls. Money is tight for them. I am giving him my textbooks. It would have otherwise cost him about $500! I hope when he is finished with them, he passes them on to someone else who can use them!

  9. Sybil B says

    I love the 24 water bottls for $4. Field days are coming up soon. I will share the pay it forward mission with a good friend that is also job hunting.

  10. Claudia Smigel says

    I am making lunches for a couple of needy Families this week to pay it forward.One never knows when we are in need ourselves

  11. Paula Carr says

    My favorite deal is the new lower prices section. I love seeing prices drop. My pay it forward mission is to buy someone lunch to let them know that someone cares.

  12. Jane Kelly says

    I would purchase some good healthy food from Aldi for my neighbor who is sick and has no help at all from her family.

  13. Lisa S. says

    My favorite deal is the Adventuridge foldable chair. These come in SO handy for parades, picnics, etc.

  14. Lisa S. says

    My mission is to clean out my cabinets and my goal is to fill 3 bags for the Stamp Out Hunger collection that the USPS is doing tomorrow. How easy – just leave it all by the mail box and they will take the food to give to people who REALLY need it! What a great (and easy) way to give to others, as well as make room for more deals!

  15. Marthalynn says

    My Pay It Forward mission this week is to go visit my mom for mother’s day and clean her house and make her a delicious lunch! marthalynn16 at gmail

  16. Gladys Parker says

    As always to donate what we can to our local food pantry/clothing room.
    Gladys P
    sps1113 at yahoo dot com

  17. Andrea Hewitt says

    My mission will be to give one gift card to my father in law. He shops at Aldi and could probably use the help. Plus he helps my husband with lots of things around the house and never asks for anything.

  18. Calshondra Williams says

    My Pay It Forward mission this week is to put my extra coupons on the shelf for others and donate others to my local charity.

  19. says

    My pay it forward is more like a whole summer project. We have young chickens that should start laying next month and also every year we put in a very large garden. We want to donate our extra produce and eggs to a local food pantry that was very generous to our family when we really needed it.Our life is starting to get better in the finance area and we just want to show them how grateful we are for helping us over the past couple of years

  20. LisaM says

    my favorite sale is the airbed, because hopefully my mom and step dad are coming to visit me this summer. (I moved away from her-1000 miles away- and I’ve always been close to her) I’m planning on going through my clothes and books and donating them to a few places near here to help local folks.

  21. mary mcmenamy says

    my mission is to help my family through mothers day our mom passed at the young age 0f 39 colan cancer its difficult im the oldest so i try real hard

  22. Kristin says

    My Pay It Forward Mission:
    My friends electric was about to be cut off as she was laid off. I paid her bill up.

  23. Holly Manthey says

    My pay it forward this week is to let my husband relax. I know that pay it forward should probably be outside of your immediate family, but he just finished (as of a couple of hours ago) his first year of veterinary school. He has worked so hard and done so much for our family while he has been going to classes and studying non stop. I want him to have an amazing summer, so I will be doing everything to make that happen!!

  24. Connie Haack says

    Earlier this week a guy gave me a bunch of bananas. Last night I made banana chocolate chip cookies and took them to work today.

  25. Connie Haack says

    I found a ton of great deals in their ad. The one thing that I would really like is the airbed. My grandsons like to sleep on them when they come to spend the night. Ours has a hole. I need to go to Aldi’s!

  26. Bridget Williams says

    I love the produce ad, makes you long for fresh produce. I try to use fresh in everything i can so that my kids have healthy meals

  27. Marlene V says

    I would love to do something nice for my co-workers. Everyone is working so hard right now. They deserve some appreciation.

  28. Bridget Williams says

    My Pay it forward this week is:…the low cost rabies clinic comes to my child’s school tomorrow, when i take my dogs for shots i plan to pay for someone else’s animal to have their shots also. It is only $10 but it’s something i can do to make someone’s day a little brighter

  29. teresa harvey says

    This week I’m paying it forward to my mom. She works evenings so this week I’ve been doing errands for her and paying her bills for her. I make sure I get her all the great deals I can too. I’ve also been doing the driving for her. Gots to pay mom back for all those years of doing for me.

  30. Sam Eagle(Stephanie Mago-Eagle) says

    I always Pay It Forward every day if I can a smile,giving people clothes & etc that they can use for they kids

  31. Natalie Goodwin says

    My pay it forward mission is to help those in need and also spend some time with my Mom for Mother’s Day.

  32. Jessi Taylor says

    this week I’m putting out $15 worth of food for the mail carrier for the annual Stamp Out Hunger food drive to pay it forward.

  33. Ronda says

  34. Ronda says

  35. Rae Ramos says

    i am paying it forward by taking my next door neighbor to the doctor’s and to do her groceries, she is a senior and i am scare that she might fall if she goes on public transportation

  36. Lee Ann CAmeron says

    The Pop Up Gazebo…I am going to see if the local store here has one >>> I have gotten some great things from ours

  37. amy tolley says

    my pay it forward mission i do all the time by helping our anyone that i am able to I have been in stores i dont know how many times and see a mother elderly anyone and they dont have enough money to pay for what little they are buying i will finish paying for it. Its never been a huge amount but it helped them from having to put things back….

  38. Christin R. says

    The waffle bowls is my favorite deal and I will pay it forward this week by helping anyone I can to the best of my abilitiy.

  39. Brittany says

    My pay it forward mission is to clean out all of our closets and donate the things we no longer need/use.

  40. nicole says

    Aldi has the best deals on outdoor stuff. The outdoor chairs far beat any other stores. The best deal isnt in the catalog its the grass seed. No one cant beat there prices.

  41. says

    I would love to win this deal for my niece who lives in Wisconsin and is a single young mother. She loves Aldi it’s the place to shop and there cottege cheese cannot be beat it’s the best. Thankyou, Pam

  42. Alicia K says

    i will pay it forward by teaching my clients about healthy eating and how it can be low priced at aldi

  43. Tara Martini says

    My pay it forward, is well everyone in our park helps everyone out, if everyone gets a little extra money and they are shopping they buy someone food they know they want or need. Same with diapers, or rent, if someones short. Sinces our cars one of the only ones that works we let everyone use it when ever they want. Were always trying to just keep each other up since were all so broke. – Would you classify that as pay it forward?

  44. Shawn says

    My pay it forward mission for this week is to donate some of my coupons to others that could use them.


  45. says

    My pay it forward mission for this week is to share my great deals, that I received via email, with others by posting on my blog and via social networks.

  46. Sacha Schroeder says

    Love the folding reclining chair for just $39! But I love all of ALDI’s deals. You can’t beat their prices anywhere!!!

  47. Sacha Schroeder says

    My pay it forward mission for this week is sharing a few special buys with others instead of keeping them for myself! One of them is a flat iron that was originally $250 for $35. I was so excited but because of this I am giving it away instead of hoarding it. :)

  48. says

  49. says

  50. says

    I love the hanging baskets for only $5.99. I bought my hanging baskets at Aldi last summer for 99 cents on clearance. They were almost dead, but I watered them and they were beautiful for months.

  51. Leslie Galloway says

    What is your Pay It Forward Mission this week

    I’m working on some graphic design for a local charity as volunteer work.

  52. Evelyn Salem says

    My pay it forward mission this week was donating for money to my sons school band at a performance they had today.

  53. Sharon Miller says

    I Love shopping for all of the Produce at Aldi’s. Their selection is Amazing!
    My Pay It Forward Mission is to help others who are less fortunate, by donating my used clothing to local second hand stores.

  54. sandy weinstein says

    my favorite deals are the salmon filets and the large shrimp…..did not see in the catalog, but i love their garden items, good prices on plants, solar lights, trees.

  55. sandy weinstein says

    my pay it forward, this week is to use the pet coupons to get nearly free items to donate to the spca food bank, for people that cant afford to buy food/items for their pets, so they dont have to surrender them to the shelter. so far this yr, i have donated over 200.00. i also have a lady on freecycle that notifies me when her girls scouts collect old towels, so i can donate these to the shelters.
    i have also collected several free items, drinks, items that i won thru contest, etc. to donate to a rescue to use as well as auction to raise money.

  56. Julie Lynn Bickham says

    My favorite summer deal is 3 lbs of hamburgers for 8.99. We go thru a lot of those in the summer.

  57. Seyma Shabbir says

    We used to shop at Aldis when we lived in Germany, now they are here!!! The 29 cents each cucumber.

  58. Seyma Shabbir says

    My pay it forward mission is to share my free and cents off coupons with strangers at the grocery store. Also to help one family get on their feet.

  59. Beth Z says

    My favorite deal is the Valencia oranges. Aldi has the best produce!! I love to donate to my nearest food bank and with Aldi’s prices, I can do it more frequently. My area has been really hard hit by the economy so the food bank is always in need!

  60. Lynn R says

    Love Aldi’s! I like the tents they have in the catalog. I always love the produce and the hummus spread is great.

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