Aldi Five Things You Need to Know



Well, I think I need to add 5 things to my original list of 10 things you need to know about Aldi.  I went shopping there and here are the things I wished someone told me.


Aldi Tips

1) You need cash –  That is right or you need your ATM card. I always pay with my discover card so I really wasn’t prepared for this whole cash thing.

2) You need a quarter or you are not getting a cart – They lock them up and only a quarter will release them.

3) You get your quarter back when you return your cart – That is why the lady didn’t give me her cart instead she scurried past me and locked it up to retrieve her quarter.

4) They do not bag your groceries – They put them back in your cart with out bags. You should not bring all your groceries out to your car without having them in bags. That is what the huge counter is for behind the cashier. If you chose to do this like I did. Then you will be the subject of everyone staring at you wondering why you didn’t see the huge counter that is supposed to be used for this task.

5) When you leave the store they have the preview for next week – If I lived near the Aldi store then I would go get that flyer so I know what not to buy this week and what to wait to buy during the following week. (I live 45 minutes away but I found that I saved enough to do 3 weeks of grocery shopping for $250.00)


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  1. Shabby Jen says

    I love Aldi!!! I don’t earn a big paycheck and I do like to eat well. So finding Aldi helped me a lot!!! I stock up for 2 weeks at $80-$90. The only thing I can’t get there is for my dog, her special dog food has to be bought at Walmart. Otherwise, they have everything I need. I love the brand names they have. I enjoy shopping there so much.

  2. says

    with a little one on the way in Mach Aldi is a life saver. We have to travel almost 45 mint to get there but I can usually get about two weeks worth of groceries for $100-$120 no way i could ever do that at walmart!

  3. Ashley says

    Instead of buying shopping bags, as kids we’d collect empty boxes that held bulk items around the store.

  4. Karin from Birmingham says

    I am disabled and live on a very “fixed” income. Shopping at Aldi allows me to buy more fresh produce and organic/clean/natural foods than I would otherwise be able to. I actually like bagging my own groceries, as it allows me to efficiently pack heavier items with lighter items on top to minimize the number of trips from the car into the house. I can buy almost everything I eat in a month for about $90 at Aldi, with very few items needed between trips. LOVE ALDI!!!

  5. Diane says

    The US ALDI’s are exactly like the ones in Germany. If you notice the cashiers are sitting down on chairs. So much more comfortable than in other stores. They even use building materials from Europe to match the stores there.

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