Affordable Wedding Gift Ideas

As wedding season rolls around, you may find yourself scrambling for an affordable gift. My favorite wedding gift that I have given was a handmade quilt. My best friend from high school announced her engagement when I was right out of college. I knew I wanted to get her something special that she would cherish. My mom suggested a quilt. I worked on that quilt for months (it was my first and only one!). The quilt didn’t take a lot of money to make, just hard work and love! Below you will find some other ideas on affordable wedding gifts.

Budget Friendly Wedding Gift Ideas

by: Mrs. Not Made of Money

When you’re lucky enough to be invited to share a friend or loved one’s special day, you want to show your gratitude and warm wishes by purchasing the happy couple a gift. If you’re on a tight budget, though, giving an extravagant, over the top gift is out of the question for you. How can you give a great, thoughtful gift without doing irreparable damage to your budget? There are plenty of gift options that allow you to bestow a special gift to the newlyweds while still keeping your budget in mind. Check out these suggestions:

Give A Handcrafted Gift
If you have a special talent or skill, you already have all of the tools you need to create a special gift for the happy couple. Commercial artists can design and print customized stationary. A knitter can create a warm throw for the couple to snuggle under. Just make sure that your creation is comparable to the items you’d buy in a boutique store, not a local street fair.

Several Small Items
Although you can’t afford to get the bride and groom that new blender they registered for, you probably don’t want to get them a single spatula either. Instead try grouping five or six small items together to create one thoughtful, but affordable, gift. You can even tie a ribbon around the times to make them more festive.

A Framed Photo
If you’ve known the soon-to-be newlyweds for any amount of time, there’s a good chance that you have a picture, or two, of them that they don’t have. Frame and mat this picture for a sentimental gift.

A Gift That Ages Well
Newly married couples plan to be together for the rest of their lives. You can honor that plan by giving a gift that will be there to celebrate with them. Ask an expert at your local wine shop to make a suggestion for a bottle of wine that will age well.

A Family Recipe
Choose a recipe that has been handed down in your family for many years. Write or print the recipe onto a pretty note card. Including any non-perishable ingredients and special tools, such as a pastry blender or a garlic press, will make this gift especially memorable.

When choosing a wedding gift, you should remember that the bride and groom won’t care what you spent on their gift. After the wedding is over, all the happy couple will remember is that you took the time to not only attend their wedding but also to select a meaningful gift for them.

What budget friendly wedding gift have you given? We would love to hear your ideas!

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  1. Heather says

    I have used your suggestion of family recipes – but have also put my spin on it. I tend to give some good home made soup recipes on cards and then give a couple of soup bowls either in their pattern if I can afford it, or in some cute pattern that I have found at a discount store such as Marshalls or TJ Maxx.


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