A&E's Heavy Week 2

Rickywayne and Jessica
Once again I sat on the edge of my seat as I watched Rickywayne and Jessica battle their severe food addiction and extreme obesity. As the show began I was fairly certain that neither one of them would achieve success. It appeared that they both lacked a support system at home which is essential if you suffer from this or any other addiction. My heart broke as I watched Jessica feed her children the same unhealthy food she was eating as I have found myself doing that often. While both stated that they wanted to become healthy, both were cooking enormous amounts of food at the same time. As their journey continued and determination set in I realized that leaving their comfortable environment and isolating themselves was what each needed to do to focus, concentrate and find success. While Rickywayne did return to the facility, he was able to build up both his physical and emotional strength before returning to his family, who were at times unhelpful and enabling. I was proud of Jessica as she forced herself to continue her workouts even when her daughter became upset about having to go to the gym childcare facility. She was able to put herself first which at times as a mother is difficult for most to do.

As I watched Jessica overcome her fear of swimming, I cried with pride as she embraced the opportunity to use the pool to enhance her weight loss and overall health. The first time Rickywayne was allowed to use the pool his spirit and true self shined through as he jumped in with everything he had. I felt that the viewing audience was able to get their first glimpse of the real Rickywayne. Like last week I feel that the relationship and support each participant shares with the other is a vital component of their success. Conquering this addiction takes a true support system and I believe they are that support for each other.

A & E has done an incredible job depicting how damaging food addiction and obesity is and how rampant it is in society today. While trying hard to overcome my own food addiction and weight issues, I find that watching this show has not only given me hope but has inspired me to do more for myself so that I too may find success and conquer my own addiction successfully. Once again, job well done.
~Karla Robey
For Madame Deals

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