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advocare 24 day challenge

It’s My Time Now! Excercise

A week or two before starting the Advocare 24 Day Challenge I started going to the local gym. To say my body was in shock was an understatement. I dreaded any of the cardio, dreaded any type of plank or core exercise, and what was all of the balancing they were asking us to do?! I am all over the place!

The great instructors we have at our local gym demonstrate how to do exercises for those on level 1, level 2, or those on level 3. More power to my classmates who can do level 3, and one day I will be there. For now, level 1 has my name on it! I am not ashamed that I do level 1, but rather glad that I am there doing something. I am not afraid to modify on my own if I can’t do something or if I can’t do it for as long. Our great instructors notice and nod, and if there is a better way to do it, they show me. I try to get to the class early enough to be in the back of the room.

My new norm is having some muscle soreness. Yes, if I’m not a little sore later in the day or the next day, then I know I didn’t work hard enough. Now I’m not saying I strive to be so sore I can barely move, and there have been a few of those days peppered in there when I worked muscles I never knew I had. I have come to appreciate the importance of having a strong core. As I am strengthening my core, I find my posture is improving, other exercises are easier to do or I can actually do them, and I have more endurance. The Advocare Spark energy drink is awesome and has really helped me have the energy to lug me, myself, and my extra weight to the exercise class and work through the class. For me sipping it through the morning works best and also helps me focus throughout the day.

Having a friend meet me at the gym has really helped me to stick with it. It’s a commitment thing knowing my friend will be there looking for me. Today, my friend wasn’t able to go, and I will have to admit that I seriously considered taking the morning off. I told myself I had been working hard, and it would be fine. Despite the negative thinking, I went. I got to the gym 20 minutes before my class started at 9:00, and the instructor teaching the 8:00 saw another lady and I chatting, and came out to ask us to join them for the ab work and the stretching. So, today I got two doses of ab work. I think I might do that again. Today in the second class, I actually did a couple level 2 moves. Yay me! I can do this!

I can’t emphasize enough to have variety in your exercise. Each day at 9:00 a.m. is a different type of class. My favorite and the one that I get the sorest from is Pilates. I enjoy the weight lifting class, and classes with the ball. There are some days when the weather is nice that my friend and I go walking instead. It’s that time we can talk about stuff, and those who know me know I love to talk.

I can do this, and you can too! Get your Advocare Spark, your exercise buddy, and go for it!!

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